Image shows Monster High doll Lagoona Blue wearing a purple floral crop top. Overlay says, "monster dolls' shirt DIY" and offers the following website:

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Here we have my latest DIY tutorial, which shows you how to turn my pioneer dress pattern’s bodice into a crop top that fits the Breyer® Rider dolls, Ever After High® dolls, and Monster High® dolls too. It looks great with the pants I posted earlier this week and even the Victorian bloomers (pantaloons) that I posted the week before. As my regular followers know, all of my patterns are free and … Continue reading #DIY Monster High #Dolls’ Clothes (Shirt) @ #Dollstagram

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Confused? Don’t be. Yes, we’ve seen the pioneer dress pattern before, but I used the bodice portion of the pioneer dress pattern above to create these cute little crop tops, which are shown below: And here’s Lagoona Blue wearing a shirt made from the same free printable doll clothes pattern: Since it fits the Monster High® dolls, it seems like it’s a no-brainer to say that it … Continue reading #MonsterHigh and #EverAfterHigh #dolls clothes FREE Shirt Pattern @

Images shows Monster High doll Iris Clops wearing a hand-sewn shirt and handmade pants. Overlay says "Sew Pants for Monster Dolls With Free Pattern" and it offers the URL: as a location for finding free doll clothes patterns for Monster High dolls.

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Here’s the DIY Ever After High® or Monster High® doll clothes tutorial that I promised yesterday! If you just dropped in, you may not realize that yesterday I posted the free pattern that goes with the YouTube video for making pants or jeans to fit Ever After High® or Monster High® dolls. The pattern includes three different styles of pants, but you can use the steps shown in this tutorial to help you … Continue reading #DIY #Monster High #Dolls’ Clothes w/ FREE Pants Pattern @

Image Shows a Monster High doll and an Ever After High doll wearing a pair of tan pants. Beside these images are three different patterns for pants. One is for a boot-cut pair of pants or jeans; a second is for cropped pants; the third is for a straight-legged pair of pants or jeans. The overlay says, "Free printable sewing patterns for dolls with 15 centimeter inseams." It also has the watermark, " Free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

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As with all my patterns, there’s a free tutorial too. I’ll be posting it on my YouTube channel, ChellyWood1, tomorrow, just before posting it here, on So drop by again tomorrow to watch the tutorial video that goes with this pattern. As you can see, my pattern encompasses three different styles of pants or jeans for Ever After High® dolls or Monster High® dolls. By any chance, did … Continue reading FREE #Sewing #Patterns for #MonsterHigh Doll Clothes (Pants) @

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This week I’m going to share very basic patterns and tutorials for making the outfit shown above. As many of you know, Ever After High® and Monster High® dolls can wear most of each other’s clothes, so here’s an image of my Ever After High® doll wearing the outfit shown above: So there’s my preview for the week ahead. I’m going to give you the … Continue reading #MonsterHigh and #EverAfterHigh Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns @

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In addition to Breyer Rider dolls (shown above) the pattern for the jeans and plaid shirt will also fit Spin Master La Dee Da dolls. And now, on with the show… If you’d like free patterns and/or tutorials to help you make the outfit and the tack shown above, follow the links below to whatever you need: Free printable sewing pattern for making 8″ doll western … Continue reading #FriYAY free pattern for Breyer dolls w/#saddle+#tack tutorials @

Image shows an 8" World of Love Doll (from Hasbro) wearing handmade doll clothes, including a pair of elastic-waist jeans and a plaid shirt. Overlay says DIY doll jeans and offers the website:

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Elastic waist pants or jeans are my favorites for a couple of reasons: kids find it easy to take them off kids find it easy to put them on parents find them easy and quick to sew That’s all there is to it. My regular followers probably remember that I posted the free printable pattern for these pants on Tuesday, but if you just stumbled … Continue reading #DIY elastic waist pants for #dolls w/free pattern @

Image shows Breyer traditional horse Snowman with Breyer doll rider. The doll wears handmade jeans and a blue plaid shirt in a western design. The overlay says "DIY Doll Shirt Tutorial" and beneath that a URL is offered:

DIY #Dolls’ shirt #tutorial with free #sewing pattern @

As my followers know, I posted the free sewing pattern for this shirt yesterday. Today I’m posting my DIY tutorial showing you how to sew a shirt for tiny 8″ dolls like the Breyer® rider dolls. Incidentally, this shirt pattern also fits the vintage World of Love dolls from Hasbro® and the vintage 8″ Wizard of Oz dolls from MEGO™. In my video, it mentions a free … Continue reading DIY #Dolls’ shirt #tutorial with free #sewing pattern @