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Click here to find all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this project: (coming soon)
Click here to find all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this project: (coming soon)


I’ve created a series of tutorials for making or re-designing the furniture you see in the image above. Wouldn’t you love to make a sewing room for your dolls?

First, visit this page for the ironing board pattern and tutorial. It’s a separate posting.

Once you’ve made an ironing board, then you’re ready to jump into the creation of the whole sewing room:

These projects primarily revolve around the remodeling of Gloria™ doll furniture, and specifically, I used the Gloria™ office furniture set. In case you’re unfamiliar with my site, this diorama is designed to fit the average fashion doll, like Barbie™, Blythe™/ Pullip™ /Momoko™, Ever After High™ dolls, Liv dolls, Monster High™ dolls, and probably some others I haven’t even mentioned.

Should you long to delve further into what I create and why I create it, just read all the stuff I’ve typed below the line:


My website primarily offers free patterns and tutorials for dolls’ clothes. However, now and then I also post DIY projects like this one. If you have any questions about my patterns, instructions, or about making things for dolls, in general, just submit a question.


Have you seen my new Gallery Page? When you visit the Gallery, just click on a doll-related project that interests you; then click on the link beneath the enlarged image. It will take you to a page like this one, where you can find links to everything you need to make that project, including various free patterns and tutorial videos.

If you’re wondering why I make patterns and tutorials without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations. Overall, I love to sew, design doll clothes, and embroider, and I think it’s important to share my talents with the world, so others can learn to do what I do.

And in case you haven’t heard, I have also designed commercial patterns for Lammily LLC. They have some new dolls in their line, including a new male doll, so you might want to visit the Lammily website to see what they’ve got going on.

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