Image shows a printable sewing pattern with photographs of three of the Mattel Chelsea (trademark) dolls wearing hand-made dresses. One is a folk dress. One is a colorful school dress with modern-art decorations on the skirt. The other is a sky-blue dress with a floral skirt. All are simple to make. Overlay reads: Chelly Wood dot com for free printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

Free, printable #sewing pattern for 4.5-inch #miniature #dolls’ dresses @

  Here’s the pattern I promised yesterday. On the pattern itself, you can see that this one pattern can be used to make three different dresses. But the one I’m showing you how to make this week is the middle image. I like to call that a “Folk Dress” because of the fabric I used, which was very folksy. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that … Continue reading Free, printable #sewing pattern for 4.5-inch #miniature #dolls’ dresses @