Image shows a sewing pattern for a doll's sundress. Mattel's Skipper and Mattel's Petite Barbie (both Trademarked names) are shown wearing dresses made using the pattern. Overlay says "Chelly Wood Dot com: free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @

Here’s the free, printable sewing pattern that I promised you yesterday. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, this is a universal sundress pattern, so it will actually fit Skipper™, Tall Barbie™, Petite Barbie™, Curvy Barbie™, and probably nearly every fashion doll in the Barbie™ range (i.e. Dusty, Momoko™, Liv Dolls, etc.). Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial that shows you exactly how to sew this … Continue reading Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @