#Miniature #dolls’ dress pattern is free @ ChellyWood.com #dollhouse

Here we have a tiny-doll project for someone who is a beginning-to-intermediate sewist. (Any time you need to attach sleeves, the sewing gets a little harder than just beginner-level.) I still think this is a pretty easy project for tiny hands, so I’ve included this video in my “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids” tutorial collection. The pattern below goes with the tutorial above. It will fit most … Continue reading #Miniature #dolls’ dress pattern is free @ ChellyWood.com #dollhouse

#DIY cardboard #dolls’ furniture for your #DollHouse w/ free pattern @ ChellyWood.com

This is actually one of the oldest patterns I created, back when I first turned ChellyWood.com into a blog about doll crafting. Because of that, you’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the video. It was an early attempt at self-made videos. (I’m a little embarrassed to post it!) However the video does explain the steps to making this Renaissance-style 1:6 scale chair quite … Continue reading #DIY cardboard #dolls’ furniture for your #DollHouse w/ free pattern @ ChellyWood.com

#Doll #SewingRoom #DIY Tutorials @ ChellyWood.com

  I’ve created a series of tutorials for making or re-designing the furniture you see in the image above. Wouldn’t you love to make a sewing room for your dolls? First, visit this page for the ironing board pattern and tutorial. It’s a separate posting. Once you’ve made an ironing board, then you’re ready to jump into the creation of the whole sewing room: Doll … Continue reading #Doll #SewingRoom #DIY Tutorials @ ChellyWood.com

Header for Sewing Tutorial entitled "How to Make a Doll's Shirt" (found on YouTube)

Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Earlier this week I introduced you to the World of Love doll named Soul, and I explained how she will be playing Benvolio in the upcoming stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet. On Wednesday, I shared my pattern for Benvolio’s shirt and pants. I also offered links to the vest, hat, and boots patterns. Today I’m going to hook you up with the video tutorials that … Continue reading Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Image of printable pattern (royalty free) to sew a miniature doll doublet or vest

#Sewing Vest or Renaissance Doublet #Pattern for #Miniature Dolls

I designed this vest pattern to be worn by Soul, my World of Love doll (from Hasbro). However I think this pattern will likely fit many miniature and small dolls. Soul is a little smaller than a Skipper doll, and vest patterns are very versatile. Not only that, but if you’re looking for patterns to use with your miniature dollhouse dolls, you can always shrink … Continue reading #Sewing Vest or Renaissance Doublet #Pattern for #Miniature Dolls