Here we see a tiny 4 inch Kelly doll modeling an Easter dress with long sleeves and a 3/4 length skirt. The sleeves and skirt are trimmed with bias tape. The bodice is made of bright springtime green felt. the skirt and sleeves are made of cotton print fabric that has colorful oval Easter Eggs scattered about with tiny black lines connecting them.

#Miniature #dolls’ dress pattern is free @ #dollhouse

Here we have a tiny-doll project for someone who is a beginning-to-intermediate sewist. (Any time you need to attach sleeves, the sewing gets a little harder than just beginner-level.) I still think this is a pretty easy project for tiny hands, so I’ve included this video in my “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids” tutorial collection. The pattern below goes with the tutorial above. It will fit most … Continue reading #Miniature #dolls’ dress pattern is free @ #dollhouse

This photo shows two Renaissance style chairs made of cardboard. They have an oriental cotton fabric that creates a plush look to the back, arm rests, and seat of each chair. The seats have tassels hanging down. the back has embroidery floss fringe that hangs from the back to the seat. There are small iron or brass looking buttons on the back of the chair. The legs of the chairs make a sort of X like chromosomes, and they are decorated with fleur de lis patterns in black marker. The legs are layered in a row of four sections to keep the chairs standing upright under the weight of a seated doll (although no doll is shown). The two chairs are elegantly poised at a 45 degree angle to one another.

#DIY cardboard #dolls’ furniture for your #DollHouse w/ free pattern @

This is actually one of the oldest patterns I created, back when I first turned into a blog about doll crafting. Because of that, you’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the video. It was an early attempt at self-made videos. (I’m a little embarrassed to post it!) However the video does explain the steps to making this Renaissance-style 1:6 scale chair quite … Continue reading #DIY cardboard #dolls’ furniture for your #DollHouse w/ free pattern @

Here we see a sewing room 1:6 scale diorama made for Barbie and similar sized dolls. It includes an ironing board, a sewing table, an office chair, a wardrobe or storage closet, miniature sewing tools, and a dress form mannequin for trying the handmade doll clothes on. The wall behind these objects appears to be brick, with tiny windows set in.

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  I’ve created a series of tutorials for making or re-designing the furniture you see in the image above. Wouldn’t you love to make a sewing room for your dolls? First, visit this page for the ironing board pattern and tutorial. It’s a separate posting. Once you’ve made an ironing board, then you’re ready to jump into the creation of the whole sewing room: Doll … Continue reading #Doll #SewingRoom #DIY Tutorials @

Header for Sewing Tutorial entitled "How to Make a Doll's Shirt" (found on YouTube)

Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Earlier this week I introduced you to the World of Love doll named Soul, and I explained how she will be playing Benvolio in the upcoming stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet. On Wednesday, I shared my pattern for Benvolio’s shirt and pants. I also offered links to the vest, hat, and boots patterns. Today I’m going to hook you up with the video tutorials that … Continue reading Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Image of printable pattern (royalty free) to sew a miniature doll doublet or vest

#Sewing Vest or Renaissance Doublet #Pattern for #Miniature Dolls

I designed this vest pattern to be worn by Soul, my World of Love doll (from Hasbro). However I think this pattern will likely fit many miniature and small dolls. Soul is a little smaller than a Skipper doll, and vest patterns are very versatile. Not only that, but if you’re looking for patterns to use with your miniature dollhouse dolls, you can always shrink … Continue reading #Sewing Vest or Renaissance Doublet #Pattern for #Miniature Dolls