Win this #FashionDoll #Halloween costume set for your #Dolls!

Would you like to win this adorable fashion doll Halloween costume set? I’ve made these and donated them to a friend, Angela, who runs a Facebook page where she teaches people to make OOAK fashion dolls. She’s hosting this sweepstakes giveaway contest on her Facebook page. Just click this link to join the fun! The contest winners will receive the following handmade items, designed and … Continue reading Win this #FashionDoll #Halloween costume set for your #Dolls!

Images of two Barbie dolls and one Liv doll wearing pretty red dresses for Valentine's day. Overlapping URL says " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials"

Free #Holiday dress sewing pattern for #FashionDolls @ #GiftIdeas

I first posted this pattern as a “Valentine’s Day Dress,” and it certainly would suit that holiday. But wouldn’t it also make a fantastic Christmas dress? I think so! The pattern is designed to fit most fashion dolls, like the Spin Master Liv Dolls™, Barbie™, MomokoDoll™, and others. The main difference between these different dolls is in how the snaps fit, so you might want … Continue reading Free #Holiday dress sewing pattern for #FashionDolls @ #GiftIdeas

Image of Kira doll wearing gingham dress with straps and short skirt. Overlapping words say, "Fashion Doll Dress Tutorial and Pattern"

Easy-Sew Dress for #Barbies ™ w/ Free Pattern @ #crafts #dolls

As my regular followers know, I have a series of YouTube tutorials called “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids.” Well, even though this is an older pattern, I’ve added it to my Easy-Sew YouTube playlist since it’s really a beginner-to-intermediate-level project. Here’s everything you’ll need to make this cute and fairly simple little dress that fits Barbie™ and similar-sized fashion dolls: Free printable pattern for easy sundress Free … Continue reading Easy-Sew Dress for #Barbies ™ w/ Free Pattern @ #crafts #dolls

Image of Momoko Doll from Sekiguchi company wearing a red Renaissance gown. Overlay says, "Momoko Dress D I Y with free pattern."

Free Sewing Pattern fits #MomokoDoll, #BlytheDoll, and #PullipDoll @

Today I’m posting the free, printable sewing patterns and links to the tutorial videos you’ll need to follow to make the gorgeous Renaissance gown shown in the image above. It was designed to fit Momoko™, who stars as Juliet in my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet. I’m told Momoko’s clothes will also fit Blythe and Pullip dolls, if you collect either of these. However, … Continue reading Free Sewing Pattern fits #MomokoDoll, #BlytheDoll, and #PullipDoll @

#Renaissance Cap and Gown Pattern for #MomokoDoll @ #人形

This is a preview of the sewing project we’ll be making this week. This elegant cap and gown is what my Momoko Doll will wear in Act V of Romeo and Juliet, the stop-motion video I’m in the process of filming. The outfit consist of three parts: a Renaissance cap, a shift (or nightgown), and a dress. Here’s a close-up image of the cap… And here’s … Continue reading #Renaissance Cap and Gown Pattern for #MomokoDoll @ #人形

Image shows a doll stand with a seemingly "invisible" base. Overlay says "Invisible Doll Stands" and " free printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

DIY Stand for #Barbie ™ #Lammily ™ or Other #Dolls

Make your dolls seem more real by creating an “invisible doll stand” for your dolly dioramas. In this video, the Traveler Doll, made by Lammily, is shown painting Notre Dame Cathedral and also wearing a tutu in front of Degas’ famous painting, “The Dance Class” aka “The Ballet Class.” Lammily’s Photographer Doll is taking photos in front of a famous Parisian fountain, Fontaine de l’Observatoire, … Continue reading DIY Stand for #Barbie ™ #Lammily ™ or Other #Dolls

Image shows African American OOAK Barbie doll wearing a pilgrim's dress with bonnet. The apron she wears is embroidered with tiny daisies and climbing vines. She stands in a diorama with a bust of Shakespeare behind her and double doors, a Renaissance-style chair, and a Renaissance tapestry is up against one wall. Overlay says, "Chelly Wood dot com: free printable patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Sew a #Thanksgiving #Pilgrim dress for #Barbies ® w/ FREE patterns

Today I’m posting the pattern and tutorials for making this lovely “Pilgrim” style dress and bonnet to fit Mattel’s Barbie® and similar-sized fashion dolls. I’m also including the tutorial and free patterns for her bonnet and apron. Below you’ll find links to everything you need to make this lovely outfit for your dolls: free printable pattern for the bonnet and apron free tutorial showing how to make … Continue reading Sew a #Thanksgiving #Pilgrim dress for #Barbies ® w/ FREE patterns

Printable sewing pattern for doll dress and pinafore

Free Pattern for #Sewing #VintageDoll Dress @ #AntiqueDoll

Today I’m posting the pattern and tutorials for making this lovely Renaissance-style ball gown for the vintage Tammy Doll made by Ideal. I’m also including the tutorial for her easy-to-make snood. Below you’ll find links to everything you need to make this lovely outfit for your Tammy Dolls: free printable pattern for pinafore and “wedding” style dress free tutorial showing how to make the dress … Continue reading Free Pattern for #Sewing #VintageDoll Dress @ #AntiqueDoll

#Elegant doll #dressPatterns are free @ #dollstagram

That’s a vintage Tammy doll (made by Ideal) wearing an elegant long dress with medieval-style pinafore and snood. I posted this pattern a very long time ago, but I noticed it was missing from my gallery page. So this week, I’m going to re-post these free patterns, plus the tutorials for making the long-sleeved gown, the pinafore, and the snood. It’s very similar in design for … Continue reading #Elegant doll #dressPatterns are free @ #dollstagram

#CurvyBarbie™ #SewingPattern is free @ #dolls

The photo above shows my lovely Curvy Barbie® going for a stroll in the gardens around Montmartre in Paris, France. Yes, I really took my dolls with me to Paris, and if you’d like to watch their travelogue video, it can be found on my YouTube channel, ChellyWood1. But that’s just a side note. The real reason you’re visiting my website is to download my free … Continue reading #CurvyBarbie™ #SewingPattern is free @ #dolls

Image of African American "Curvy Barbie" from Mattel's Fashionista line, wearing a hand-made floral crop-top and shorts. The doll's hand rests on her hip in a fashionable way, and the overlay says, "Sew a Top for Curvy Dolls with FREE Pattern" and in the lower, right-hand corner, it offers the URL, Chelly Wood Dot Com.

Sew a shirt for #Curvy #dolls w/this free tutorial @ #dollcollector

Earlier this week, I posted the pattern to make this crop top and the pattern for making the shorts shown in this video. Incidentally, this crop top pattern fits Mattel’s new Curvy Barbie™ in addition to the vintage Tammy Dolls made by Ideal. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also fit the vintage Dusty Dolls from Kenner (although I no longer own one of these, so … Continue reading Sew a shirt for #Curvy #dolls w/this free tutorial @ #dollcollector

Image of African American Curvy Barbie from Mattel's Fashionista line wearing a handmade pair of floral shorts. Overlay says, "Free Curvy Shorts Pattern".

Free #DollClothes patterns and tutorials @ #dolls #barbieDoll

YES! Now you can make your own shorts to fit your curvy doll! Whether it’s Curvy Barbie™, Lammily, Ideal’s vintage Tammy Doll, or another shapely gal, you’ve got everything you need–the pattern that I posted yesterday, plus this easy-to-follow tutorial–to create a summer wardrobe in many colors and fabric prints. Other curvy doll patterns can be found on my new Gallery Page, where you can click on the … Continue reading Free #DollClothes patterns and tutorials @ #dolls #barbieDoll