Here we see a round doll table with narrow legs. Overlay says, "easy D.I.Y. dollhouse table."

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This little round table is surprisingly easy to make, using a cream cheese container, some craft sticks, hot glue, and contact paper. This table appears in several scenes, in my dolly version of Romeo and Juliet (which is still in production). __________________ If you’re searching for a pattern for one of my doll clothes designs, please navigate over to the Gallery Page. That’s the easiest … Continue reading #DIY table for fashion #dolls (tutorial @

This image shows a Mattel Curvy Barbie with a Mediterranean complexion walking in front of an ivy-covered building in the Montmartre area of Paris, France. The doll wears a pretty purple crop top and high-waisted shorts made of cotton floral print in a pretty lavender-and-purple shade. To download the free, printable PDF sewing patterns for making this outfit, please go to and click on the 11 inch doll clothes patterns page from the home page gallery. There are further instructions for downloading these free printable doll clothes patterns to fit Curvy Barbie and similar sized dolls on the home page at

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I just realized my Curvy Barbie® shorts outfit isn’t on the Gallery Page. What was I thinking? That has been a really popular pattern! So this week, I’m putting aside my Easy-Sew Tutorials for Kids agenda and re-posting my Curvy Barbie® free shorts outfit pattern and tutorials. But don’t worry, the plan for a Halloween costume is in the works. If you’d like to vote … Continue reading #CurvyBarbie® Outfit w/ FREE Pattern @ #TheDollEvolves #Fashionista

Here we see a sewing room 1:6 scale diorama made for Barbie and similar sized dolls. It includes an ironing board, a sewing table, an office chair, a wardrobe or storage closet, miniature sewing tools, and a dress form mannequin for trying the handmade doll clothes on. The wall behind these objects appears to be brick, with tiny windows set in.

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  I’ve created a series of tutorials for making or re-designing the furniture you see in the image above. Wouldn’t you love to make a sewing room for your dolls? First, visit this page for the ironing board pattern and tutorial. It’s a separate posting. Once you’ve made an ironing board, then you’re ready to jump into the creation of the whole sewing room: Doll … Continue reading #Doll #SewingRoom #DIY Tutorials @

Image of fashion doll seated at a re-painted desk with miniature lamp, sewing machine, pin cushion, sewing basket, and tiny buttons. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Diorama Tips and Tricks".

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Here’s a quick look at my new sewing room diorama. As my regular followers know, I design doll clothes patterns (see link for my free, printable doll clothes patterns). The Liv Doll you see in the header image is supposed to look like me, and now my doll has a little sewing room, in which she can design her doll clothes (using a computer and … Continue reading It’s #FashionDoll #Diorama Tutorial Week at! #BarbieCollector

Image of circular dollhouse table with overlay of words stating "easy DIY Dollhouse Table"

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  This week, on, I’ve been focusing on how to make furniture for your 1:6 scale dioramas. Monday I showed you how to make a 4-poster bed; Tuesday I gave you a free, printable pattern to make chairs; Wednesday I showed you the tutorial for making the chairs. Today it’s time to create a lovely, circular table for your dolly dioramas. Just follow along, and this easy-peasy … Continue reading Easy #miniature table for your #BarbieHouse or #DollPhotography @

Here we see a Mattel Barbie doll wearing a handmade apron and a Spin Master Liv doll seated in a hairdresser's salon chair and wearing a hairdresser's smock. Behind the two dolls is a mirror on a vanity table, like one might see in a hair salon. If you'd like the free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this hairdresser's apron and hairdresser's smock, please click on the link in the caption.

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Remember the “Hairdresser’s Set” sweepstakes contest I held at the end of 2015? Well to start of the new year, I plan to share patterns for an 18″ doll’s hairdresser’s smock and a fashion-doll-sized smock & apron. So check back with me to get the patterns when they post! Here’s a quick preview image: Continue reading FREE #Sewing #Patterns for #Dolling Hairdresser’s Smock & Apron @