Image of a clapboard like one uses in a Hollywood movie. It says "Production: Romeo and Juliet, Director: Chelly Wood, Camera: Reginald Stetson, Date: 2/27/16, Scene: Act 4, Scene 3, Take 2"

#RomeoJuliet @ won’t win any #Oscars but it’s fun for a #BarbieCollector

We’re on the set of Romeo and Juliet today, watching the filming of Act 4, Scene 3 from behind the scenes. Check out that little clapboard I made from iClipart! (I just shrunk it down and printed it on cardstock paper, using two brads and an extra piece of black scrapbook paper for a hinge.) The doll who’s working the clapboard is my Traveler doll … Continue reading #RomeoJuliet @ won’t win any #Oscars but it’s fun for a #BarbieCollector

Image of Spin Master Liv Doll wearing custom-made African American doll wig with overlay that says "best doll wigs ever!"

I recommend buying your custom #LivDoll wigs from @tabloach #dollstagram #dolls

As the video says, I recently bought a Liv Doll who really needed a new wig. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the work of this doll wig designer at Tabloach Productions! At first I was a little nervous about sending two Liv Dolls in the US Postal Service to be fitted for wigs. I thought, “What if I never get my dolls back? Or … Continue reading I recommend buying your custom #LivDoll wigs from @tabloach #dollstagram #dolls

Image of ball jointed doll with handmade ironing board and cast iron flatiron. Overlay says, "Make an adjustable ironing board" implying the tutorial will show you how to make a doll-sized ironing board.

DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dioramas @ #BJD

Tuesday’s post offered the pattern mentioned in this tutorial, and now, here’s the tutorial itself, showing you how to build a cute little adjustable ironing board for your dolly dioramas. Please note that this ironing board is meant for dioramas, not for kids’ toys. That’s because it’s pretty unstable (due to its adjustable nature) without the use of Glue Dots to hold it to the floor … Continue reading DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dioramas @ #BJD

Image of tall Barbie wearing white jeans. Overlay says, "Sew pants for tall fashion dolls (includes free pattern)"

Sew Pants or Jeans for Tall #Barbie w/free #sewingPattern @

Here’s the tutorial I promised you! On Monday I gave you a preview of these jeans/pants; on Tuesday I offered a free, printable pattern for sewing them; today I’m showing you exactly how to sew the jeans/pants for your Tall Barbies™. Did you notice anything different in this video? I tried to create a storyline with my dolls, including a little bit of stop-motion activity. … Continue reading Sew Pants or Jeans for Tall #Barbie w/free #sewingPattern @

Image of tall Barbie wearing handmade jeans on a pattern for sewing a pair of these jeans. Overlaying words say "Jeans and adjustable ironing board patterns" and smaller words say "The jeans will fit Tall Barbie TM and other fashion dolls with 15 cm inseams. Image includes ironing board pattern and is stamped with on all patterns

Download my free sewing #Pattern for #TallBarbie’s Pants/Jeans @ #TheDollEvolves

Here’s the Tall Barbie™ pants/jeans pattern I’ve been promising to share with you since the dolls came out. Tomorrow I’ll post my sewing tutorial, showing you exactly how to make these pants/jeans. Later in the week, I’ll also post a tutorial, showing you how to make the adjustable ironing board that you can see on the pattern as well. (It really adjusts its height to … Continue reading Download my free sewing #Pattern for #TallBarbie’s Pants/Jeans @ #TheDollEvolves

Image of Mattel's "Tall Barbie" standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, wearing a pair of white handmade pants with red seams. Barbie has one hand on her hip and the other at her side. She smiles brightly. She's also wearing a princess-seams shirt decorated with peace signs. Tall Barbie's features look Asian, and her skin tone is pale. The image includes a watermark that says, "" for free printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

YAY! I’ve designed my first pattern for #TallBarbie! Find it @ #theDollEvolves #dollstagram

  Yes, this week I’ll be posting my pattern and tutorial for making these adorable white jeans with red seams. They’re designed to fit Mattel’s new “Tall Barbie™” and any other similarly-sized dolls with 15 cm inseams. Tomorrow I will post the pattern, so you can make these jeans too. Then, on Wednesday, I’ll post the tutorial video showing you how to sew them. Thursday I’m … Continue reading YAY! I’ve designed my first pattern for #TallBarbie! Find it @ #theDollEvolves #dollstagram

Image of Liv Doll wearing comfy, handmade raglan-sleeved T-shirt. Overlay of words say "Liv Doll FREE Tee Shirt pattern and Tutorial"

DIY Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt Tutorial for #LivDolls @ #Dollstagram

So far, I’ve only made a few Liv Doll clothes patterns, but eventually there will be more to come. Right now, I’m excited about designing doll clothes for Mattel’s new “Tall Barbie,” “Petite Barbie,” and “Curvy Barbie.” So next week, you can look forward to whatever great patterns and tutorials I come up with! But for now, please enjoy this tutorial, which shows you how … Continue reading DIY Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt Tutorial for #LivDolls @ #Dollstagram