Free Pattern for #LivDoll and #MomokoDoll Shoes @ #DollPhotography

Image of sewing pattern with overlapping words, "Free pattern for doll flats: search ChellyWood1 on Youtube for the accompanying free tutorial video; this pattern fits lots of flat-footed dolls like Liv Dolls, Momoko, Blythe, skipper, etc..."
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Here’s my pattern for doll shoes. This is a pattern for a basic flat (no-heel) shoe, which fits a number of flat-footed dolls like Momoko Doll from Sekiguchi company (Japan), Liv Dolls by Spin Master, Mattel’s Skipper, and the new Tall Barbie from Mattel.

I’ve been very happy with how this shoe turned out, and I’ve actually made three pairs in the past couple of weeks! It looks really good in doll photography, as you can see in the photo I posted yesterday.

As you may recall, you must enlarge my patterns to fit a full-sized piece of American computer paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm) before printing. If you’re using international printer paper (A4: 210 mm x 297 mm), you’ll have to make a few adjustments. This design uses a 1/8 inch seam. If you have any questions about the patterns or their matching tutorials, feel free to contact me, using my “Submit a Question” form. I’m always happy to help!

To be fair, these shoes fit Mattel’s Skipper just a wee bit big. So if you’re printing this pattern for Skipper shoes, I recommend reducing the size of the pattern to just a hair smaller than a full-sized piece of American computer paper. That will ensure a snug fit.

All of my free doll clothes patterns can be found on this page, and this video tutorial can give you a few tips and pointers about how to print my patterns.

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