Sew Pants or Jeans for Tall #Barbie w/free #sewingPattern @

Here’s the tutorial I promised you! On Monday I gave you a preview of these jeans/pants; on Tuesday I offered a free, printable pattern for sewing them; today I’m showing you exactly how to sew the jeans/pants for your Tall Barbies™.

Did you notice anything different in this video? I tried to create a storyline with my dolls, including a little bit of stop-motion activity. My daughter, Emily Teapot, who designs gorgeous saddles and saddle blankets for Breyer model horses, also does fabulous face repaints. She’s responsible for the design of my “Chelly Wood” look-alike doll. And it does, surprisingly, look a lot like me. (Angela OOAK — you’d be proud of my daughter’s craftsmanship!)

The wig on the ChellyWood doll was tinted by my daughter Annie, who also gave me tips on how to style the hair so it looked more like the way I tend to wear my hair in an octopus clip.

Lammily’s Traveler Doll plays the part of “Tatiana Garcia,” a student learning to sew, in this film. And BTW, I designed the Lammily doll’s shorts outfit. I’m in discussions with the Lammily folks right now about putting together another pattern set for summer, like the Winter Wonderland and CozyWear patterns that I designed for them this past winter. So eventually, you may be able to get patterns to make “Tatiana’s” little shorts and top, if the Lammily folks like it.

To my regular followers, I’d love some honest feedback on this film style. Should I try to make more story-style videos, wherein the dolls explain how to make the doll clothes? How do you like that approach? Do you have any suggestions for improvement on future videos? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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