The image shows the Chelly Wood doll from viewing her computer screen, and on the screen is the YouTube channel entitled "Pipe Cleaner Crafts," which is the topic of this week's hashtag Friday follow feature on

Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

Today’s #FridayFollow recommendation is Pipe Cleaner Crafts on YouTube. The video I’ve posted here with permission comes from Pipe Cleaner Crafts, but they have a lot of additional videos showing how to make diorama miniatures, doll houses, and more! You should go check them out! I frequently get requests for doll shoe and boot patterns, and as you can see in the video above, Pipe … Continue reading Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

The image shows a dress form with a quilted look all around it. This image was purchased as part of a yearly subscription to iClipart and used with permission.

Let’s sew a gusset! — guest video by Morgan Donner for today’s #FridayFollow Feature

This week’s doll clothes sewing project was a cute little doll coat with a hood. The hood used a gusset, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little information about how gussets work. But why re-invent the wheel, when YouTube offers lots of great videos on various sewing techniques? Today’s video not only introduces a gusset, but it shows … Continue reading Let’s sew a gusset! — guest video by Morgan Donner for today’s #FridayFollow Feature

This YouTube video gives you basic instruction in how to do a baste stitch. It discusses how to baste stitch by hand, including how wide your baste stitches should be if you are pre-stitching before gathering a skirt for a doll dress. It also offers a brief suggestion for basting on a sewing machine, and how you should do some research to make sure your settings on your machine are correct for basting.

Sewing Basics: How to do a baste stitch before gathering when #sewing #dollclothes

This brief video explains the basics of basting. In this tutorial, you’ll learn approximately how far apart your baste stitches should be spaced when you’re sewing doll clothes. In addition to demonstrating the baste stitch when done by hand, it also talks about basting on a sewing machine. Remember that my patterns and tutorials are free under the Creative Commons Attribution mark, so if you’re … Continue reading Sewing Basics: How to do a baste stitch before gathering when #sewing #dollclothes

The image shows an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll (similar in size to the 18 inch American Girl dolls) wearing a handmade skirt of holiday print. She also wears a hand-sewn velvet top (shirt) with long sleeves and a v-neck collar. These 18 inch doll clothes are very easy to sew with free patterns from the website Sewing patterns at focus on doll clothes and doll crafts for dolls of many shapes and sizes, including the 18" dolls like American Girl doll and Madame Alexander doll. The image shows the 18" doll modeling the free doll clothes patterns in a snowy scene with winter trees and brush behind her, snow at her feet, and overhead, the wintery sky has snowflakes falling all around. The little skirt she wears (the one that goes with the free pattern for 18 inch dolls) uses an elastic waist, and not only offers the free patterns for making the whole outfit for 18" dolls, but it also offers free tutorial videos showing how to sew these simple garments. The image has a watermark that says " free printable patterns and tutorials."

#Sew an 18-inch #dolls’ shirt and skirt with free #patterns @

I realize winter is behind us now, but I’m reposting this, the first sewing project of 2019, a semi-lined long-sleeve shirt for 18″ dolls and a simple skirt, because tomorrow’s project could easily be confused with this one. You see, tomorrow I’ll be posting a pattern for making a skirt to fit a more narrow-bodied 18-inch doll, like the vintage Crissy dolls and the … Continue reading #Sew an 18-inch #dolls’ shirt and skirt with free #patterns @

Let’s #sew an outfit for 28″ #dolls with free #patterns @

In the image above, you can see my 28-inch “Just Play” Barbie wearing a handmade sweater and an argyle skirt with knife pleats. This Barbie is a lot of fun to sew for because she’s so big, like sewing for a little child! Right now, there are not a lot of outfits available for these 28″ beauties. But, I’m here to help! With the free … Continue reading Let’s #sew an outfit for 28″ #dolls with free #patterns @

The image shows Kendall, the African American Wellie Wisher doll, wearing a handmade shirt with cute little wood-looking buttons down the back of the shirt. The overlay says "Doll shirt with buttons" and offers the URL (where you can find free printable patterns for making the shirt as well as the tutorial video that this header is advertising).

#SewingBlogger Thursday: FREE Shirt #Pattern Fits Wellie Wishers and Hearts4Hearts #Dolls

This video tutorial shows you how to make a shirt for dolls in the 14 inch to 15 inch size range (including Hearts For Hearts Girls and Wellie Wishers) and you may be surprised to find, when you watch the video, that other dolls can fit in this shirt as well. As you can see in the still image at the start of the video, this … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: FREE Shirt #Pattern Fits Wellie Wishers and Hearts4Hearts #Dolls

This image shows a Kendall Wellie Wisher doll modeling a pair of handmade khaki pants with a pocket. This is a YouTube header and contains the simple heading "doll pants" with the URL of in the bottom half of the header. The website,, not only offers this video tutorial for sewing doll pants to fit most 14-inch or 15-inch dolls, but it also has a free, printable sewing pattern for the pants (and its pocket). These pants will fit Wellie Wisher dolls, Hearts for Hearts Girls, and other dolls in the 14-15-inch size range.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: FREE Khaki Pants #Pattern Fits Wellie Wishers and Hearts4Hearts #Dolls

Here we have the video tutorial, showing you how to make the free khaki pants pattern that I posted just yesterday. This free, printable sewing pattern fits most dolls that stand about 14 inches or 15 inches tall (including Hearts For Hearts Girls, Wellie Wishers, and more). Just in case you missed them, here are the patterns I posted yesterday: Free, printable sewing pattern for … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: FREE Khaki Pants #Pattern Fits Wellie Wishers and Hearts4Hearts #Dolls