How to Do a Fly Stitch by Hand… #Embroidery #HandEmbroidery #Scandinavian

Today’s tutorial video will be helpful if you’re going to make a traditional Swedish “pocket,” a type of decorated purse that dates back to the 1700’s in Sweden.

The Swedish “pocket” purse is part of my Swedish traditional costume ensemble, a set of 18 inch doll clothes patterns which I’m converting from JPG format to PDFs, at the request of my followers.

Image of doll wearing Kjolsäcken (a Swedish pocket-purse) with overlapping words: "Make a doll 'pocket' purse (Kjolsäcken)"
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However for those of you who just follow me for my yarn and embroidery-related crafts, this new video will be a fun one to try for your holiday hand embroidery projects.

If you’ve never tried hand embroidery before, you may find it’s quite satisfying to do, and inexpensive too! Here’s a link to JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts’ embroidery project page, to give you some idea of how little embroidery floss costs. But you can often find embroidery floss for even less at second hand stores.

If you enjoy watching my videos and sewing with my free patterns, please remember to share my images and tutorials on social media. Here’s one you can post to Pinterest, for example:

This image shows an enlargement of a fly stitch, and the video header's overlay says "fly stitch" and "hand embroidery" with an arrow pointing to the fly stitch image on the video header. It accompanies a tutorial video with voice-over that includes instructions for doing a fly stitch using hand embroidery methods. The image is watermarked with the website where this and many other craft tutorial videos can be found:
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