This image is a free printable pattern for American Girl Doll clothes. specifically, it's a doll's summer shirt that's designed in a halter-top / tank top style with ribbon ties at the neck. You can use Velcro or snaps for the AG doll shirt's closure. It has one pocket. The free pattern is easy to download at where you can find more free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This dolls summer top is designed to fit 18" dolls (46 cm dolls) like the 18 inch American Girl dolls or the 46 cm Madame Alexander dolls. The pattern is marked with the "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, which means you may use these free doll clothes patterns, but please show your appreciation by sharing them on social media.

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Hi everyone! I’m very excited about these doll clothes patterns that I’ve designed to fit 18 inch dolls like American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and others! At the start of 2018, I polled my followers to find out which dolls they wanted me to design doll clothes for in the new year, and American Girl / Madame Alexander, and other 18″ dolls took first … Continue reading #Free #AGdoll summer shirt pattern @ #sewing 4#dolls

Image shows Superstar Barbie, nude, standing next to the modern Teresa doll, with a ruler in between the two dolls. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

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Sorry about the nude dolls everyone! But I often get questions about the differences between vintage Barbies made by Mattel and today’s Barbies. The photo above shows that their bodies are definitely different. How are they different, though? Will the older doll’s clothes fit the newer dolls and vice versa? I’ve been asked this question often, over the years, and I can tell you a … Continue reading Vintage #Barbie #patterns on new Barbie #dolls @

Free #sewing patterns for clothes to fit lovely 17″ #dolls made by @Tonnerdoll

I posted these patterns at Christmas time, this past December, but I forgot to put all the patterns and tutorials together in one spot for a link from the Gallery Page to the patterns. When one of my followers mentioned this oversight, I visited my Gallery Page to see if she was right. Only then did I realized there are actually SIX of these unlinked … Continue reading Free #sewing patterns for clothes to fit lovely 17″ #dolls made by @Tonnerdoll

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a printable pattern for a holiday dress for 10 inch or 11 inch fashion dolls like Skipper Doll, Petite Barbie, Project MC2 dolls, 10 inch Disney Princess Dolls, Stacie Dolls, Momoko Dolls, and many other 10" or 11" dolls

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  Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s the same pattern she posted back in October!” Well you’re right. It’s the same pattern, but the holiday dresses we’re making in December use the pattern in a different way, to create whole new looks with this one pattern! Don’t believe me? Look back at Monday’s post to see all the different dolls this dress pattern … Continue reading FREE #holiday #dress pattern for 10 or 11 inch fashion #dolls @

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At long last, here’s everything you’ll need to make the pirate costume. As I’ve shown you before, this outfit will fit fit Project MC2® dolls, Monster High® dolls, and Ever After High® dolls, to name a few. Ready to get busy sewing? Here are the patterns and tutorials you’ll need: Pattern for the Vest, Shoes, and Tricorne Hat Tutorial for Making the Vest Tutorial for Making … Continue reading FREE #Doll Clothes Patterns: #Pirate #Costume @

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a collage of 105 different doll outfits and sewing/craft projects designed by Chelly Wood. Each of these comes with free, printable sewing patterns (found at Overlay says, " FREE doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

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In the collage above, you’ll find there are over 100 different doll outfits and craft projects, all designed by me, Chelly Wood. Each of them has free, printable sewing patterns available through the gallery page on this website. Yes, this is quite a milestone for me! I’ve reached the big 100 mark! In looking back, some of my early patterns and tutorials weren’t as well-made … Continue reading Which Patterns Need to Be Improved @ #dolls #dollstagram #crafts

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image is of a sewing pattern for a doll's Colonial-style shirt and pants. The overlay says, "Slender dolls' 18th century tunic and pants patterns." The patterns are also marked with "Creative Commons Attribution" and various instructions like seam allowances and how many copies of each piece are needed to make the garments. The YouTube channel where you can find a tutorial for making this costume is found at ChellyWood1 on YouTube.

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For those of you who’ve been following my YouTube channel and this website for a while, you might be wondering why the dolls’ faces aren’t shown inside the pattern. That’s something new for Well, since I don’t own the Mattel Company (which holds the rights to Monster High® and Ever After High® dolls), nor am I afiliated with the Project MC2® show, I’ve blocked … Continue reading FREE #sewing #pattern for slender #dolls clothes @