Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pair of felt doll boots. Overlay says, "Sewing tutorial for doll boots."

What’s the #1 free sewing pattern #tutorial from #Doll boots:

This tutorial has been the #1 sewing tutorial on my YouTube channel for quite some time. In fact, in December of 2015, I did a countdown of the most popular sewing tutorials on my channel, and the doll boots video won, hands down. So you’re probably wondering why this tutorial is so popular? I’m wondering the same thing! Maybe it’s the simplicity of the pattern … Continue reading What’s the #1 free sewing pattern #tutorial from #Doll boots:

A doll models a pair of high top sneakers that look a lot like Converse brand high tops. They have the "all stars" look alike logo on them, and they lace up with embroidery floss. The doll stands on a concrete slab near a flowing river. We only see the doll from below the knee, but both sneakers appear in the photo -- right foot and left foot.

Sew a Pair of #Sneakers for your #FashionDoll w/ Free Pattern from

Today I’m going to share my free pattern and free tutorial, showing you exactly how to make a pair of doll sneakers just like you see above. Here’s another image, using the same pattern but with a light blue fabric:   Here’s the link to my pattern for these sneakers. Incidentally, they’ll fit a lot of different fashion dolls, including Ken, flat-footed Barbies™, Lammily™, the … Continue reading Sew a Pair of #Sneakers for your #FashionDoll w/ Free Pattern from