Sew a pair of flat shoes (slip-ons) for Liv dolls or Momoko doll w/free pattern @ #DollShoes #dollClothes

Here we see a pair of doll feet modeling a pair of red shoes. They are slip-on shoes made of red cotton fabric with a tread made of black foam.

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets.

I have so many free printable sewing patterns on this website, that sometimes I lose track of where I put one of them! I’m not kidding…

The image shows the ChellyWood doll with a humorous face. Her tongue is sticking out, and she wears a huge smile. There's a dialog bubble above her head that says L O L with an exclamation point.

I designed today’s shoe pattern a long time ago, and it seems I’ve already uploaded it to this website. But for whatever reason, none of the proper links seem to take you to the PDF version of this shoe pattern, so I’m re-posting it as just a shoe pattern.

You need to be able to sew teeny-tiny seams by hand to make these tiny shoes, so today’s PDF sewing pattern for making a pair of doll-sized flats isn’t for the faint of heart.

With that said, you’ll need some cotton fabric, some felt or craft foam for the sole of the shoes, and plenty of patience to make today’s flats. Yoga could be helpful:

The image shows a Spin Master Liv doll demonstrating her articulation and flexibility by doing the "natarajasana" or "dancer" yoga pose. She's modeling cut-off denim capri pants and a red plaid shirt, as well as a pair of handmade red cloth slip-on flat shoes with black felt or rubber soles. Her platinum blond hair hangs down her back. The watermark reminds us that provides free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

Today’s patterns will fit these dolls:

*These are not the same flat-footed Barbies as the “Cali Beach Barbies” from the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Here are your free, printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial video for making the shoes shown at the top of this page:

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The image shows a Spin Master Liv doll wearing handmade slip-on shoes. There are three pieces to this pattern: a cloth sole, a foam sole, and the upper section. To find and download this free printable sewing pattern which fits dolls with a 1 inch by half inch or 15 milometer by 10 millimetre foot, please go to and click on the 11 inch doll pattern gallery or the "shoe patterns" gallery.
Visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

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Barbie and Vintage Barbie dolls are products offered by Mattel, which holds the registered trademark for them (™). Please visit the Mattel Toys website to learn more about their company and its trademarked toys.

Liv dolls were products designed and distributed by the Spin Master company, which still makes dolls and toys today (although the Liv dolls are no longer in production at the time of this blog post). The Spin Master company held the trademark for the Liv Dolls (™). Please visit the Spin Master Toys and Games website to learn more about their company and its trademarked toys and games. Please be aware that the Chelly Wood animated doll is a Spin Master Liv doll that has been re-painted and had its wig colored to appear to look like the real doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood. This was done as a creative project by Chelly’s daughters, and the Spin Master Toys and Games company was not involved in the doll’s makeover in any way.

Ideal Toy Company owned the registered trademark for the entire Tammy family of dolls, but that company is no longer in business. I’m including links to the Wikipedia pages on these topics for anyone who would like to research these dolls.

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