The image shows the close-up of a human hand holding ten different tiny books. The one on top is particularly small and has a paper dustjacket. The title of the book reads as follows: "How to measure your dolls, by Chelly Wood." All other books appear to be painted with tiny white pages and covers of various colors including tan, brown, red, purple, bright blue, yellow, and pink. The watermark reminds you to visit for free doll clothes patterns and tutorials.

Miniature Library Craft Project with Free Printable Book Dust Jacket @ #MiniatureLibrary #TinyBooks

Today’s tutorial shows you how to create a large collection of tiny books, for making a miniature library. I offer my suggestions for solving some of the problems I faced in creating my library, and there’s a free printable PDF of the paper dust jacket / flap jacket that I show in the video. Scroll down to the bullets for the free PDF pattern of … Continue reading Miniature Library Craft Project with Free Printable Book Dust Jacket @ #MiniatureLibrary #TinyBooks

Image shows the cover of a middle-grade novel called "the Black Lotus: the Samurai Wars" by Kieran Fanning. Three teenage ninjas are pictured on the streets of a city with a sunset behind them. They cast shadows on the street where they stand. The ninja in the foreground holds a samurai sword.

#Librarian reviews #TheBlackLotus, a fantastic #ninja novel@ #NinjaSteel

Every now and then, I have reviewed a sewing or craft book, here on, but this time I’m straying from my usual topic for a sweepstakes giveaway contest that I’ll be posting tomorrow at 5:00 AM, Mountain Standard Time (US). Those of you who know me personally are aware that I work as a middle school librarian in my day job. Very rarely do … Continue reading #Librarian reviews #TheBlackLotus, a fantastic #ninja novel@ #NinjaSteel