This is the cover art for a YouTube tutorial video which teaches the viewer how to make an ironing board cover for a child's ironing board. This ironing board cover includes a felt pad and it uses cotton fabric with an elastic to hold it in place, in the form of a casing. Instructions for making the ironing board include suggested measurements. The website is where you'll be able to view the tutorial video showing how to make a DIY child's ironing board cover.

Let’s make an ironing-board cover for a kids’-sized toy ironing board! #kids #crafts

Most children like to play in imitation of their parents’ chores. That’s why a number of toy companies have made children’s toy laundry room furnishings, like a toy washer, dryer, laundry basket, and yes, even toy irons and ironing boards. Today’s tutorial shows you how to make an ironing board cover for a child’s toy ironing board. But be advised: children should be supervised when … Continue reading Let’s make an ironing-board cover for a kids’-sized toy ironing board! #kids #crafts

This image is a screenshot of the YouTube channel header for The Crafty Gemini, which can be found at:

#FridayFollow: #Teaching #kids to #sew with @CraftyGemini

Here on, I often get questions about teaching kids to sew. I do have a playlist on my YouTube channel dedicated to this topic, but I mostly sew by hand and my videos are primarily about sewing doll clothes. So what if you want to teach your child to use a sewing machine? What if you want to teach him/her to sew something other … Continue reading #FridayFollow: #Teaching #kids to #sew with @CraftyGemini

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows a YouTube tutorial video header for a DIY doll diaper tutorials. The words say "baby doll diaper" and offer the URL which is a website for free doll clothes patterns including the free printable sewing pattern for making baby dolls diapers.

#DIY Baby #Dolls’ Diaper / Nappy Makes a Great #Gift for #Kids!

This week we’ve been learning how to make a baby doll’s diaper (in the UK and many other parts of the world, it’s called a “Nappy”). These baby doll accessories are perfect gifts for little children to play “Mommy” or “Daddy” with baby dolls! As you’ll see in the video, dolly diapers / nappies are also super easy to make! The reversible version, in my … Continue reading #DIY Baby #Dolls’ Diaper / Nappy Makes a Great #Gift for #Kids!

The image shows a hand-made doll skirt in three different fabric patterns. One pattern is floral; another uses tiny rainbow-colored polka dots, and the third is pink with larger white polka dots. The dolls wearing these skirts are (in the same order as the description of each skirt) a 16-inch Velvet doll from the Ideal Toy Company (vintage doll from the 1970's), Consuelo the Hearts-for hearts girl doll who stands at 14 inches tall, and the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll called Kendall (made by the American Girl doll company). The overlay on the photo says "Easy DIY doll skirt" and offers the website where the free patterns for making this back-to-school mini-skirt can be downloaded and printed for free.

Free back-to-#school skirt #pattern for #HeartsForHearts #Dolls @

Earlier this week I gave you the free patterns for sewing these adorable skirts, but just in case you missed those blog posts, here they are again: Pattern 1 for back-to-school skirt Pattern 2 for back-to-school skirt As you’ll see in the video, you need to cut out each pattern and tape them together before using them to measure your fabric for the skirt. If … Continue reading Free back-to-#school skirt #pattern for #HeartsForHearts #Dolls @

Image of 1:6 scale doll armoire/cabinet filled with tiny miniatures. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Armoire Repaint".

#FashionDoll Armoire: Where to Buy and How to Repaint @ #Doll #Barbie

Some of you will recognize this cute little armoire. It’s featured in a lot of my sewing videos–especially the ones where the doll does the sewing, stop-motion-style.   Those of you who know me best are aware that I earn my living as a school librarian. Contrary to popular belief, librarians don’t earn a ton of money; so how can I afford to buy all … Continue reading #FashionDoll Armoire: Where to Buy and How to Repaint @ #Doll #Barbie

Free sewing #patterns for #Skipper, #Barbie’s little sis @

To make this simple, easy-to-sew felt sleeveless shirt and elastic-waist miniskirt with tulle, please click on the following links for the free patterns and tutorials: Here’s a link to the skirt’s tutorial Here’s a link to the free printable skirt pattern Here’s a link to the felt top’s tutorial Here’s a link to the felt top’s free pattern (you’ll only use the bodice portion) Chelly Wood’s … Continue reading Free sewing #patterns for #Skipper, #Barbie’s little sis @