Free printable sewing pattern for #Dolls’ Halloween #Cat #Mask

Image shows an actual, printable sewing pattern for a cat-shaped felt mask that fits Barbie sized fashion dolls. Along with that is a pattern for a pumpkin bucket, cat paw mittens, and a cat's tail. These patterns, when cut out and sewn, will make a number of accessories that fit Barbie and similar-sized dolls.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Here’s pattern #1 for my fashion doll Halloween cat costume set. I’ve been getting requests to include a measurement gauge, so you’ll find this pattern (as well as the body suit pattern, which I plan to post next week) does have a small measurement tool on the pattern itself. This is designed to help you determine whether or not you’ve printed my patterns correctly.

It also helps to watch my tutorial video, showing how to download and print my free patterns.

Tomorrow I’ll be showing you the video that demonstrates how to make the little cat mask for Barbie®, Momoko™, and similar-sized fashion dolls. This cat mask is pretty straightforward, so I think you’ll find it fits any fashion doll with a head that’s somewhat similar to Barbie®’s in size and general shape. It won’t fit dolls with larger heads, obviously, like Pullip and Blythe.


Need help printing my patterns? This link will take you to a tutorial showing you how to download my free, printable patterns.

Please note: you must enlarge the pattern to fit a full-sized piece of computer paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm) before printing. My designs use a 1/4 inch seam (standard for fashion doll sewing projects).

When you print my patterns, it’s always friendly and kind to like it on FB, tweet about it, and/or pin it to your Pinterest page.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to check out my new Gallery Page, where you can pick an outfit for a doll, click on that picture, and the link in the caption will take you to all the free, printable patterns and free tutorials you’ll need to make that outfit.

If you’re wondering why I make patterns and videos without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations.

In case you haven’t heard, I have also designed commercial patterns for Lammily LLC. They have some new dolls in their line, including a new male doll, so you might want to visit the Lammily website to see what they’ve got going on.

I’ve also got a series of tutorials for the beginning sewists on my YouTube channel. It includes video tutorials showing you how to do a basic straight stitch when sewing by hand, how to use the whipstitch to hem a garment, how to sew on snaps, and even how to design your own doll clothes patterns, just like I do!

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