Image shows a three-inch Christmas stocking with a fur top. Overlay says, "Sew a mini-Christmas stocking." Image comes from, the home of many free printable sewing projects for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

How to make a #Miniature #Xmas stocking w/ FREE #DIY pattern

Here’s my tutorial for making Ken-and-Barbie®-sized Christmas stockings. I posted the pattern yesterday, but here it is again, just to make it convenient for you: Miniature Christmas Stocking Pattern You’ll notice that it’s not just a pattern for a Christmas stocking; it also has a simple pattern for making a pair of pants to fit Barbie® dolls. Along the same lines, tomorrow I plan to … Continue reading How to make a #Miniature #Xmas stocking w/ FREE #DIY pattern

Image of sewing pattern for Barbie-sized pants and miniature Christmas stocking.

Pattern for making a #miniature #holiday #stocking is free @

Here’s my miniature Christmas stocking pattern, and alongside it is a simple pattern for a pair of boot-cut pants or trousers to fit 11.5-inch fashion dolls like Barbie®, Queens of Africa Dolls™, and many other, similar-sized dolls. After I post my tutorial for making the miniature Christmas stocking tomorrow, I’ll post some links to some of my favorite patterns for making doll pants. The pattern … Continue reading Pattern for making a #miniature #holiday #stocking is free @

Image of Barbie doll giving Ken doll a Christmas stocking with candy canes inside it.

Let’s make a #ChristmasStocking for #Barbie® #Dolls

You may remember this little Christmas stocking project from last year’s holiday posts. It got a lot of downloads! So I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share it once again. Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern for making the stocking. Then, on Wednesday, I’ll post the tutorial showing how to make it. This little three-inch stocking makes a perfect gift for Secret … Continue reading Let’s make a #ChristmasStocking for #Barbie® #Dolls

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image shows reversible towel toppers that have been hand-sewn with a button for clasp. The overlay says, "Reversible DIY Towel Topper with FREE patterns."

Here’s how to make a tea towel #DIY #FridayFreebie #project

Over the last couple of days, I’ve given you the patterns you need to make this simple tea towel, but just in case you’re hearing about this for the first time, here are links to the free, printable sewing patterns for making these adorable, reversible kitchen towels: Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Just follow the instructions in the video, and you’ll find that these towels are so … Continue reading Here’s how to make a tea towel #DIY #FridayFreebie #project

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image shows the bottom half of a two-pattern, easy DIY towel topper, like one would use to make fabric-top tea towels. These towel toppers have a button clasp and they are both reversible and personalized. The pattern says that you can find the matching tutorial on Chelly Wood's youtube channel, ChellyWood1. However, the easiest way to find any patterns or tutorials made by Chelly Wood, is to visit her gallery page on

Sew a tea towel w/ free pattern @ #sewing #DIY #gift

In the US, it’s Thanksgiving. That means the craziest day of Christmas shopping is tomorrow. Wouldn’t you rather stay home and make your own gifts? It’s usually less expensive, and a whole heckuvalot less hectic! My tea-towel-topper is a relatively easy pattern for an adult sewist to piece together, and kitchen towels make fantastic Christmas gifts for friends and family. Here’s the second of the … Continue reading Sew a tea towel w/ free pattern @ #sewing #DIY #gift

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image is of a towel-topper pattern. This is only one of two patterns for a towel-topper. The other free pattern is found at, along with a free tutorial video showing how to make the pattern.

Tea #Towel Topper #Pattern is free @ #GiftIdeas

Here’s the first of my two tea towel topper patterns. Tomorrow I’ll post Pattern 2, and on Friday, I’ll post the tutorial showing you exactly how to make these. I have to say, these are really pretty easy to make, as gift-worthy crafts go. During the month of November, I’ve been posting other holiday gift ideas, as well, like my Instagram pillow and my dragon … Continue reading Tea #Towel Topper #Pattern is free @ #GiftIdeas offers free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials. Image shows two tea towels. Their tops are made of yellow kitty-cat fabric, and these tops fold over and button down, so they can easily hang from a handle on a refrigerator or stove. They have applique letters that spell out the name Sarah. The towels themselves say home = love. Altogether, the towels read, "Sarah's home equals love."

#DIY #TeaTowels are easy to #Sew w/ free pattern from

Here’s a preview of what we’ll be making this week on Usually, my blog focuses on doll clothes patterns, my area of specialty. If you’re here for doll clothes patterns, please navigate to my Gallery Page where it’s easy to find all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make a variety of doll clothes to fit everyone from Mattel’s tiny Kelly® dolls to the … Continue reading #DIY #TeaTowels are easy to #Sew w/ free pattern from