Image shows an actual, printable sewing pattern for a cat-shaped felt mask that fits Barbie sized fashion dolls. Along with that is a pattern for a pumpkin bucket, cat paw mittens, and a cat's tail. These patterns, when cut out and sewn, will make a number of accessories that fit Barbie and similar-sized dolls.

Free printable sewing pattern for #Dolls’ Halloween #Cat #Mask

Here’s pattern #1 for my fashion doll Halloween cat costume set. I’ve been getting requests to include a measurement gauge, so you’ll find this pattern (as well as the body suit pattern, which I plan to post next week) does have a small measurement tool on the pattern itself. This is designed to help you determine whether or not you’ve printed my patterns correctly. It … Continue reading Free printable sewing pattern for #Dolls’ Halloween #Cat #Mask