Image of fashion doll wearing a miniature cat-shaped face mask with eye holes and droopy ears. The mask is made of felt and has a pink nose and whiskers. overlay says "Easy doll halloween mask."

#DIY #Halloween mask for #doll w/ free pattern @

Here’s the tutorial I promised. It shows how to make the Halloween kitty cat mask that goes with the cat costume I posted on Monday and last Thursday. This is a relatively easy tutorial to follow, because a lot of the steps can be done with glue instead of a needle and thread. Please note that the free pattern was posted yesterday. As you may … Continue reading #DIY #Halloween mask for #doll w/ free pattern @

Image shows an actual, printable sewing pattern for a cat-shaped felt mask that fits Barbie sized fashion dolls. Along with that is a pattern for a pumpkin bucket, cat paw mittens, and a cat's tail. These patterns, when cut out and sewn, will make a number of accessories that fit Barbie and similar-sized dolls.

Free printable sewing pattern for #Dolls’ Halloween #Cat #Mask

Here’s pattern #1 for my fashion doll Halloween cat costume set. I’ve been getting requests to include a measurement gauge, so you’ll find this pattern (as well as the body suit pattern, which I plan to post next week) does have a small measurement tool on the pattern itself. This is designed to help you determine whether or not you’ve printed my patterns correctly. It … Continue reading Free printable sewing pattern for #Dolls’ Halloween #Cat #Mask

Image shows the cartoon like legs of three trick-or-treaters in colorful leggings and carrying candy bags.

What kind of #DollClothes #crafts should I make for #Halloween?

Here in the United States, we celebrate Halloween on the last day in October. It’s a festive holiday with everyone dressing up in disguise. With Halloween only a month away, I’ve been thinking about making a Barbie-sized Halloween costume, but I’d like some feedback… What would you, my regular followers, like me to design for your fashion dolls? Please leave comments! I always read my … Continue reading What kind of #DollClothes #crafts should I make for #Halloween?

Please click on the caption below the image to find the pattern and tutorial video for making a fashion doll Mardi Gras style mask that will fit lots of dolls like Bratz, Momoko, Barbie dolls, and many other fashion dolls.

#Harlequin #Mask for Barbie Dolls for #Halloween

This week I’ll be showing you how to make your own Harlequin or Mardi Gras mask for Barbie or Momoko dolls, using the following materials: Sheet of Foam Colored Toothpick Paint Glitter Glue Feathers Hole Punch This is a great project to do with little girls, in anticipation of Halloween. It takes very little time and effort, and as you can see, the supplies needed … Continue reading #Harlequin #Mask for Barbie Dolls for #Halloween