How to Download and Print Free #Sewing Patterns From #Crafty #Dollstagram

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of traffic on this site, and with traffic, come lots of questions. One that keeps cropping up is, “How do I download and print your free sewing patterns for dolls?” So I’ve made a video tutorial, showing everyone the step-by-step process for downloading and printing my patterns using Microsoft Word.

This tutorial uses an older pattern page, but you can now find my patterns by going to the Gallery Page, searching for the outfit you want to make, and clicking on it. That will give you a link to the page where you’ll find all the patterns and tutorials to make that entire outfit.

A newer “How to Print Doll Clothes Patterns” video is also available, showing you how to print your patterns using Google Docs (which is a free word processor provided by Google).

If you’re curious why I give my patterns and doll clothes away for free, please visit my Chelly’s Books page. You’ll find I do love to sew, but most of all, I love to give. So I try to combine my talents and my generosity in everything I do.

Blessings, everyone!

4 thoughts on “How to Download and Print Free #Sewing Patterns From #Crafty #Dollstagram

  1. Have you considered providing your patterns as pdfs instead of images? Then people could just hit “print” instead of doing all the Microsoft Word and resizing stuff. (I suspect this would particularly be easier for people who use different paper sizes.)

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