How to Sew a Dress for Your #MomokoDoll @ #ドール

For this project, you’ll need to print this pattern, as well as this one. But to make the shift (undergarments shown in lace), you’ll also need to download this pattern, and it will help you to watch this tutorial as you sew.

If you’d like to make Momoko’s little Pilgrim-style Renaissance bonnet, the tutorial for that is found here, and this is a link to the pattern for the bonnet.

Need help printing my patterns? This link will take you to a tutorial showing you how to download my free, printable patterns.

If you’re wondering why I make patterns and tutorials without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations. Overall, I love to sew, design doll clothes, and embroider, and I think it’s important to share my talents with the world, so others can learn to do what I do.

Want to show your appreciation for my free patterns and tutorials? Please do so by likingpinning, tweeting, and/or somehow sharing this tutorial video with others.

Did you know Chelly Wood has designed patterns for the Lammily doll company? She has! And this website will tell you more about Lammily, if you’re curious. Also, this link will take you to Chelly’s patterns on the Lammily website.

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