Image of Momoko Doll from Sekiguchi company wearing a red Renaissance gown. Overlay says, "Momoko Dress D I Y with free pattern."

How to Sew a Dress for Your #MomokoDoll @ #ドール

For this project, you’ll need to print this pattern, as well as this one. But to make the shift (undergarments shown in lace), you’ll also need to download this pattern, and it will help you to watch this tutorial as you sew. If you’d like to make Momoko’s little Pilgrim-style Renaissance bonnet, the tutorial for that is found here, and this is a link to the … Continue reading How to Sew a Dress for Your #MomokoDoll @ #ドール

Image of So Cute Marine Momoko Doll Wearing Wedding Dress in Renaissance Style with Puff Sleeves and Decorated in Silk Roses

New Free #Sewing #Patterns for #MomokoDoll @

For the past few weeks, I’ve been re-posting collections of sewing patterns and tutorials that were created while making the costumes for my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet. Those were all, pretty much, patterns that I’ve had posted on my website for a while now. But in the next two weeks, I’ll be posting some new patterns, starting with the pattern for Juliet’s wedding gown. My … Continue reading New Free #Sewing #Patterns for #MomokoDoll @

Sew a Wedding Dress or Ball Gown for Your #MomokoDoll #モモコドール #ドールショウ

This week I showed you how to make a beautiful gown for So Cute Marine, my Momoko doll from Petworks. But what about the simple dress that goes under the gown? I actually posted that dress tutorial and its pattern a couple of weeks ago. To find the pattern, just follow this link. And I’ve posted the video tutorial below. Remember, if you like my … Continue reading Sew a Wedding Dress or Ball Gown for Your #MomokoDoll #モモコドール #ドールショウ

Momoko doll clothes pattern

#裁縫 Pattern for #Momoko Doll from #Petworks: Blue “Juliet” Dress

Today I’m sharing my pattern for the dress my Momoko doll (So Cute Marine) will be wearing in my upcoming dolly version of Romeo and Juliet. Tomorrow I’ll re-post the shift pattern (which you’ll need for the skirt portion of this dress), and on Thursday, I’ll post my how-to video, demonstrating how to sew it all together. Let me say that this pattern is not … Continue reading #裁縫 Pattern for #Momoko Doll from #Petworks: Blue “Juliet” Dress