Image shows Jackson Rathbone doll (actor who played Jasper in the Twilight movie) dressed in a medieval or Renaissance style tunic and trousers. Pattern for this costume is free at, along with a tutorial showing how to make it.

Sew #Twilight’s #JacksonRathbone #dolls clothes w/ free pattern @

Yes, you can sew a tunic and trousers to fit your Twilight Jasper doll with the free patterns and tutorials found right here, on In the Twilight movie series, the character of Jasper was played by Jackson Rathbone. His doll facsimile is just a hair taller than some male fashion dolls, so I designed the pattern for these trousers and tunic, specifically to fit the Jasper doll. … Continue reading Sew #Twilight’s #JacksonRathbone #dolls clothes w/ free pattern @