Image of sewing pattern for Renaissance style sleeve with cuff. Pattern is designed to fit fashion dolls. Image of Momoko fashion doll wearing a Renaissance gown. Watermark says "Chelly Wood dot com for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes."

New free sewing pattern for #MomokoDoll #dress @ #Dolls #ミニチュア

Today’s free sewing pattern has two parts. There’s the dress (above) and the sleeve (below): As I said in earlier posts, these Renaissance doll costumes were designed for dolls to wear in a Romeo and Juliet film production. To make the dress shown, you must also use the negligee (or undergarment) pattern found on this page. Yesterday I posted my video tutorial showing how to make this … Continue reading New free sewing pattern for #MomokoDoll #dress @ #Dolls #ミニチュア

Image of Momoko Doll from Sekiguchi company wearing a red Renaissance gown. Overlay says, "Momoko Dress D I Y with free pattern."

How to Sew a Dress for Your #MomokoDoll @ #ドール

For this project, you’ll need to print this pattern, as well as this one. But to make the shift (undergarments shown in lace), you’ll also need to download this pattern, and it will help you to watch this tutorial as you sew. If you’d like to make Momoko’s little Pilgrim-style Renaissance bonnet, the tutorial for that is found here, and this is a link to the … Continue reading How to Sew a Dress for Your #MomokoDoll @ #ドール