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Now that I’ve reorganized my patterns, you’ll probably find what you want more easily if you


Once you’re in the image gallery, just look for the pattern you want, click on the image, and it will give you a link to a page that offers all the patterns needed to make that project, plus all the video tutorials that match.

I redesigned the gallery page to make it easier to find my free, printable patterns and tutorials, since this list of patterns on this page was getting quite long. Hopefully the gallery will make it easier to find the patterns and tutorials you want.

So from this date forward (August 1, 2016), I will no longer be posting my patterns on this pattern page. If you need to find one of my patterns or tutorials, they’ll be available on the gallery page instead.

Should you find a pattern is missing from my gallery, please submit a request for that pattern, and I’ll make sure it gets added to the gallery lickety-split!

Want an easier way to find the free pattern or tutorial you’re looking for? Read the section above.

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Doll Clothes for Male 12.5 inch or 317.5 mm/32 cm Fashion Dolls (like Ken):

Doll Clothes for Female 11.5 inch or 292 mm/29 cm Fashion Dolls (like Barbie):

Tall Fashion Doll Clothes Patterns (for Dolls With 15 cm Inseams Like Tall Barbie™)

Curvy Fashion Doll Clothes Patterns (for Dolls With Wider Hips, Arm Circumferences, and Leg Circumferences, like Curvy Barbie™ and Ideal’s Tammy Doll)

Breyer Dolls/World of Love Dolls/Stacie Dolls (8-inch or 20 cm) Patterns

Tiny Doll Patterns (for dolls like Polly Pocket™, Kelly Dolls™, and similar-sized dolls)

Patterns for Other Accessories

Twilight Doll Clothes Patterns

Momoko, Blythe, or Pullip Doll Clothes Patterns

Tammy Doll Clothes Patterns

18″ Doll Clothes Patterns (Designed to Fit American Girl Dolls and Similar-Sized Dolls)

NOTE: If there’s a costume you’d like designed for you, use the “Submit a Question” tab at the top of this page, to put in your request. I’ll do my best to design requested costumes, but as I do this for free, there’s no guarantee. This is just my hobby. My paying job comes first.

33 thoughts on “Old Pattern Page

  1. Hello Chelly, I am going to have soooo much fun following you, as I just started knitting and sewing for Barbie. Started knitting for my granddaughter and ended up with a Barbie doll of my own, as I just LOVED making and knitting……also made lots of Barbie furniture for my beloved granddaughter Alex. So here’s to many wonderful and enjoyable hours following you on the web. Many thanks to you. Regards Ruth

  2. I just stumbled across your website 🙂 my girls and I are super excited about making them! Just one question. How do I print the patterns without the pictures on them to save on ink?

    1. Welcome to my website! I’ve sent you an email with a link that should be of some help. All of my patterns are easy to download and manipulate using Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, and other art programs. That way you can remove the photos as needed.

  3. You are heaven sent! My 10 year old daughter needs to make Renaissance clothing for her Barbies for a school project. Where else would I have found these awesome patterns and tutorials??? Thank you so much!

  4. I have recently gotten into making my own 12 inch doll clothes. I really like your site and the printables work great. I just wish you had more patterns for male dolls and accessories.

    1. What would you like me to design, David? I’m open for ideas. I recently bought some old G.I. Joe dolls at a yard sale, and I’ve been thinking about making them a few outfits, but throw some ideas at me!

  5. Hi chelly.. i’ve been searched for barbie basic bodice pattern. Do you have the basoc bodice pattern or tutorial hownto draft the pattern. Thanks a lot before 😉

  6. Hi chelly. I’ve been searched for barbie basic bodice/torso pattern. Do you have the basic bodice pattern or tutorial how to draft the basic pattern. Thank you very much chelly. 😉

    1. Thank you, Lilly. I really appreciate the kind words of my followers. And if you get a chance, please share my patterns via social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) so lots of people will know they exist! 🙂

  7. Thank you for making these patterns available to us! My granddaughter is eight years old and has been playing with her Barbies since she was 3! Wants lots of clothes!!! I can make them for her! So happy to finally find some “free patterns”. Thank you again!!!

    1. You’re very welcome, Laurie. And remember, each of my patterns also has a free tutorial on my YouTube channel, ChellyWood1. I hope you and your granddaughter have loads of fun making doll clothes!

  8. fabulous , awesome work…wao…i am out of words what to say…. i wanna make dresses for my 5 years old daughter…and here your pattern are just awesome… kindly let me know how to take prints and how to use them accordingly..thank a ton..
    love u…
    such an amazing work.
    may god bless you..
    keep gng . 🙂

    1. If you look in the right-hand column, Shaz, you’ll see there’s a video tutorial that shows you how to make print-outs of my patterns. I hope that helps. Glad to be of help to you!

  9. hey Chelly,just stumbled on ur page and I really like it, pls I’ll like to deviate a bit, can u pls explain to me how to determine different individuals crotch depth in female pant making?thanks as I await ur response

    1. Well, Teekay, this certainly is an unusual question! However, as it’s sewing related, I’ll address it. To determine crotch depth when designing pants, I measure a doll from her belly-button area to the small of the back, using a sewing-style tape measure. When designing pants, however, we only want to create half for that J-shape that starts at the top of the zipper and ends at the true crotch. So I take my measurement and divide it in half to create that J-shaped area.

      Now of course, you must also adjust for a seam allowance. On dolls, that’s typically a 1/4 inch seam (around half a centimeter) that must be added at both ends of the J-shape. For a person, I’d add 5/8 inch at both ends of the J shape. I hope that helps you with your project.

  10. Thanks a lot for all those nice patterns. I work in a kind of shop where children can get free toys. But only for family with less or no money to buy toys. We get second hand toys, clean it , repair it and give it away. There are only volunteers who work here. three of us make clothes for barby and dolls. . So thank you.

    Regards Joke from Holland

    1. Yes, Norma, I do have a pencil skirt for an 18″ fashion doll (like the new Princess Hair Barbie or a Tonner doll). Here’s a link to that pattern page: https://chellywood.com/2017/11/08/sew-dollclothes-for-16-dolls-wfree-patterns-chellywood-com/

      I also have one very simple skirt pattern for an American Girl or Madame Alexander doll. But it’s a little more flouncy than a typical pencil skirt. You could try it with a little less fabric in the main part of the skirt, and see if that makes it more of a pencil skirt: https://chellywood.com/2016/06/15/free-craft-patterns-for-agdoll-or-other-18inchdoll-chellywood-com/

      Good luck with your sewing projects, and thanks for leaving a comment!

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