Here we see a Barbie wearing a handmade sun dress with a ribbon that ties around the neck to hold the bodice up. The dress is made of beautiful, vibrant blue fabric with floral embroidery or an embroidery-style print on the fabric. To get to the free pattern for making this dress, please click on the link in the caption.

Easy (and FREE) #sewing tutorial for making #fashionDoll #dresses @

If you stumbled at this website, hoping to find some easy-to-sew patterns and tutorials for fashion doll clothes, let me say that you’ve come to the right place! I actually designed this halter-style dress for my cousin’s little girl to sew. She was only 11 years old at the time, and she was pretty new to sewing. So I designed this pattern to be as … Continue reading Easy (and FREE) #sewing tutorial for making #fashionDoll #dresses @

Image of Momoko Doll from Sekiguchi company wearing a red Renaissance gown. Overlay says, "Momoko Dress D I Y with free pattern."

How to Sew a Dress for Your #MomokoDoll @ #ドール

For this project, you’ll need to print this pattern, as well as this one. But to make the shift (undergarments shown in lace), you’ll also need to download this pattern, and it will help you to watch this tutorial as you sew. If you’d like to make Momoko’s little Pilgrim-style Renaissance bonnet, the tutorial for that is found here, and this is a link to the … Continue reading How to Sew a Dress for Your #MomokoDoll @ #ドール

Image: sewing pattern for fashion doll strapless or lace-strap evening wear, negligee, or nightgown.

Free #fashiondoll negligee pattern fits #BlytheTheDoll, #Pullip, #Barbies and #MomokoPH #Dolls

Yes, folks, this is a re-post for a lacy negligee that fits Barbie, Momoko, and I’m told it also fits Blythe (the doll) and Pullip dolls. I designed this night gown for Act III, Scene 5 in my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet. So it was originally designed to fit Momoko Dolls, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this negligee pattern is fairly universal, fitting … Continue reading Free #fashiondoll negligee pattern fits #BlytheTheDoll, #Pullip, #Barbies and #MomokoPH #Dolls

Sew a Wedding Dress or Ball Gown for Your #MomokoDoll #モモコドール #ドールショウ

This week I showed you how to make a beautiful gown for So Cute Marine, my Momoko doll from Petworks. But what about the simple dress that goes under the gown? I actually posted that dress tutorial and its pattern a couple of weeks ago. To find the pattern, just follow this link. And I’ve posted the video tutorial below. Remember, if you like my … Continue reading Sew a Wedding Dress or Ball Gown for Your #MomokoDoll #モモコドール #ドールショウ

Free printable pattern of doll boats to fit Momoko Dolls, Barbie Dolls, Skipper Dolls, Blythe Dolls, World of Love Dolls from Hasbro

Boot Pattern and Tutorial for #Momoko Dolls, #Blythe, and #WorldOfLove Dolls

Over the past two weeks, I posted patterns and tutorials for creating my World of Love “Soul” doll’s vest, bi-colored pants, shirt, hat, and now I’m going to post a how-to tutorial/pattern for making the cute little “elf boots” she wore in all the pictures, posts, and tutorials I’ve been showcasing over the past two weeks. So here’s my tutorial/pattern for those boots. They fit … Continue reading Boot Pattern and Tutorial for #Momoko Dolls, #Blythe, and #WorldOfLove Dolls

Renaissance Cape for Barbie DIY Clothing Sewing Tutorial

Video Tutorial Shows You How to Make a #MedievalCloak for #Barbies

Here’s the latest video tutorial I’ve made for my YouTube channel. The Medieval cloak or Renaissance-style cape is probably one of the easiest patterns I’ve created (next to the apron pattern or the nurse’s bonnet pattern) for Barbie dolls. It will fit Momoko dolls too. Just about anyone can make one of these, if you follow my tutorial. Remember, if you enjoy my patterns and … Continue reading Video Tutorial Shows You How to Make a #MedievalCloak for #Barbies