Image of momoko ball jointed doll wedding gown pattern with the words watermarked on the image

FREE #Momoko #Blythe and #Pullip Wedding Dress Pattern @

This is just the first of two patterns I’ve used to create the wedding dress for my stop-motion film of Romeo and Juliet using dolls. As my regular followers know, Juliet will be played by Momoko Doll. But what you may not realize, is that my Momoko sewing patterns also fit Blythe and Pullip dolls. Here’s the first of my two free, printable patterns for … Continue reading FREE #Momoko #Blythe and #Pullip Wedding Dress Pattern @

Image of Momoko doll wearing a wedding dress with words "Momoko doll Wedding Dress" and Japanese translation of "Momoko Doll"

Free dress pattern fits #BlytheDoll #PullipDoll and #Momoko @

This week I’m posting a fancy wedding dress pattern that’s free to download and print from my Doll Clothes Patterns page. But before I do, you’ll need to also know how to make the shift (an undergarment) that goes beneath the fancy wedding gown. Here’s the shift’s bodice pattern; here’s the shift’s skirt pattern; and below you’ll find the complete tutorial, showing you how to … Continue reading Free dress pattern fits #BlytheDoll #PullipDoll and #Momoko @

Image of So Cute Marine Momoko Doll Wearing Wedding Dress in Renaissance Style with Puff Sleeves and Decorated in Silk Roses

New Free #Sewing #Patterns for #MomokoDoll @

For the past few weeks, I’ve been re-posting collections of sewing patterns and tutorials that were created while making the costumes for my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet. Those were all, pretty much, patterns that I’ve had posted on my website for a while now. But in the next two weeks, I’ll be posting some new patterns, starting with the pattern for Juliet’s wedding gown. My … Continue reading New Free #Sewing #Patterns for #MomokoDoll @

Image of Momoko doll with hand extended below a Breyer horse's muzzle

#MomokoDoll Plays Juliet in Upcoming R&J Production #azonejp #DollShow

This picture has already appeared in various online venues. I’ve got it on my Flickr page, my FB page, and my Pinterest page, and it seems to warrant quite a few hits and likes. So this week I’m going to show you how to sew Momoko Doll’s dress for my upcoming Romeo and Juliet YouTube project. I’ve already shown you how to sew her shift … Continue reading #MomokoDoll Plays Juliet in Upcoming R&J Production #azonejp #DollShow

Sewing Pattern for a Renaissance Tunic to fit Twilight Barbie Doll "Jasper"

#Renaissance Tunic #Sewing Pattern for Ken or Twilight’s Jasper #Dolls

On Monday I showed you Jasper’s fantastic costume. He’ll be playing Father Capulet in my Barbie/Momoko version of Romeo and Juliet, on YouTube at a later date. Tuesday, I gave you the pattern for his pants, and Wednesday I offered my YouTube tutorial for how to make the pants. Today I’m going to show you the pattern for Jasper’s “Father Capulet” tunic. Remember, if you download … Continue reading #Renaissance Tunic #Sewing Pattern for Ken or Twilight’s Jasper #Dolls

Image of easy-to-sew doll hat pattern

Easy #Doll #HatPattern to Sew

This week and next, I’ll be showcasing Soul’s Benvolio costume. As my regular followers know, I’m designing and sewing a bunch of doll costumes for a “Barbie/Momoko” version of Romeo and Juliet. When we’re done filming, we’ll be giving away all the costumes in a huge giveaway contest. My World of Love doll, Soul, will be playing the part of Romeo’s relative, Benvolio, in our … Continue reading Easy #Doll #HatPattern to Sew

Momoko doll clothes clothing patterns free to download

Momoko doll’s clothing is too fun to make! I’ll be posting my patterns soon…

I’ve been sewing doll clothes for my upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. Our juliet will be played by Momoko, a special ball jointed doll (BJD) that’s made and marketed in Japan. She’s slightly smaller than Barbie, which will be perfect! Because as every high school freshman knows, Juliet is only, like, fourteen years old or something. Anyway, I designed the doll dress you see … Continue reading Momoko doll’s clothing is too fun to make! I’ll be posting my patterns soon…