New Free #Sewing #Patterns for #MomokoDoll @

Image of So Cute Marine Momoko Doll Wearing Wedding Dress in Renaissance Style with Puff Sleeves and Decorated in Silk Roses
To print free sewing patterns for Momoko dolls, Pullip dolls, or Blythe dolls, visit

For the past few weeks, I’ve been re-posting collections of sewing patterns and tutorials that were created while making the costumes for my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet. Those were all, pretty much, patterns that I’ve had posted on my website for a while now.

But in the next two weeks, I’ll be posting some new patterns, starting with the pattern for Juliet’s wedding gown. My Momoko doll, So Cute Marine, will be wearing two different gowns in Romeo and Juliet. The blue ball gown is the one she wears to the Capulets’ feast. But the second gown, her wedding gown (shown above), is new to my website’s doll patterns collection.

Momoko doll clothes patterns, I’m told, also fit Blythe and Pullip dolls.

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