Momoko doll’s clothing is too fun to make! I’ll be posting my patterns soon…

Momoko doll clothes clothing patterns free to download
Momoko Doll as Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” YouTube Production

I’ve been sewing doll clothes for my upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. Our juliet will be played by Momoko, a special ball jointed doll (BJD) that’s made and marketed in Japan. She’s slightly smaller than Barbie, which will be perfect! Because as every high school freshman knows, Juliet is only, like, fourteen years old or something.

Anyway, I designed the doll dress you see here, and I’ll be posting my patterns and tutorials for making this and other doll dresses for Momoko, as I finish my sewing projects. So be sure and follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, or Flickr to see more!

One more thing, after my production of Romeo and Juliet is over, I’ll be giving away all the doll clothes I’ve been making, including a whole series of costumes for Momoko. If you collect Momoko dolls, and you’d like to own the dresses I make for her, just keep coming back to this website where I’ll announce the contest under my “Contests” button.

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