#MomokoDoll Plays Juliet in Upcoming R&J Production #azonejp #DollShow

This picture has already appeared in various online venues. I’ve got it on my Flickr page, my FB page, and my Pinterest page, and it seems to warrant quite a few hits and likes.

So this week I’m going to show you how to sew Momoko Doll’s dress for my upcoming Romeo and Juliet YouTube project. I’ve already shown you how to sew her shift (the white dress she wears beneath) in a previous posting, but we’ll revisit that pattern and that video tutorial as well.

Then I’ll share the pattern for this blue dress which goes over Juliet’s shift. I’ll follow that with my how-to video, teaching you how to make the blue dress. So we have a full week of fun ahead!

On a side note, I’m currently working to create some patterns and video tutorials for making Breyer horse blankets and Breyer horse fly bonnets. I’ll keep you posted on my projects in that arena.

Image of Momoko doll with hand extended below a Breyer horse's muzzle
For more images of Snowman and Momoko, follow the link to my Pinterest page or my Flickr page.

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