#MeMade Monday: V-neck shirt fits #WellieWishers, BFC Ink, Hearts4Hearts, and Crissy #Dolls

Last week I gave you the free pattern for, and showed you how to make the spotty skirt shown in the image above. If you missed that post, please click here for an update. Later this week I’m going to give you the pattern for, and show you how to make the V-neck shirt that my 18″ BFC Ink doll is wearing in the photo … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: V-neck shirt fits #WellieWishers, BFC Ink, Hearts4Hearts, and Crissy #Dolls

The image shows a Wellie Wisher doll (Kendall from American Girl) wearing a handmade square-neck tank top and khaki pants. Her plastic shoes are MaryJanes. At the bottom of the image, there's a URL for the website where you can print the free pattern for making this entire outfit: ChellyWood.com. The Chelly Wood website's motto is "free doll clothes patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes." Patterns are offered as a PDF download and a MS Word document, for easy printing.

#MeMade Monday: khaki pants for 14-inch #dolls like #WellieWishers

This week I’m going to share my free pattern for khaki pants with a pocket. As the heading states, this pattern will fit 14 inch dolls like the Wellie Wishers from American Girl or Hearts for Hearts Girls. Yep, those are the same pants that we saw in the images for last week’s purse project, and in fact, this week’s pocket pattern is the same … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: khaki pants for 14-inch #dolls like #WellieWishers

The image shows a H4Hgirl doll with a strappy purse slung over her shoulder. the purse has a large pocket in one side. The overlay says, "ChellyWood.com" and suggests that the website mentioned offers free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#MeMade Monday: This week’s #Crafty project will be a purse for #dolls!

I’m back from my spring break vacation, and I’ve returned with a bunch of wonderful projects to work on! This week’s project is a purse that has a pocket on one side. On Wednesday I’ll post my free, printable pattern. On Thursday I’ll post a tutorial video showing you just how to make this cute little addition to your doll’s wardrobe! And speaking of wardrobes, … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: This week’s #Crafty project will be a purse for #dolls!

The image shows the OOAK Liv Doll "Chelly Wood" at her computer in her tiny dolly diorama office. Behind her is a painting of ballerinas by Degas. The overlay says, Fan Mail and offers the at symbol followed by the URL ChellyWood.com, a website where there are hundreds of free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This is the YouTube header for what one might call "Barbie fan mail opening" or stop motion fan mail reading. It's a stop motion video of the Chelly Wood doll discussing her fan mail, reading it out loud, and showing a video of Barbie dolls modeling the hand-made dresses that one of Chelly Wood's fans created using Chelly Wood's own free doll clothes patterns (printable on the ChellyWood.com website).

Chelly Wood Out of the Office / #Sewing Room

Sorry everyone, but I’m about to take a wee little family vacation. I do get fan mail every day or so, and that’s why I thought I’d give everyone a heads up about my absence. To keep you entertained while I’m away, I’m going to re-post the video tutorials that are mentioned most often in my YouTube videos. Next Thursday, though, I’ll post something brand … Continue reading Chelly Wood Out of the Office / #Sewing Room

The image shows Mattel's Skipper doll's feet fitting snugly into a pair of slippers made of felt. The pattern for sewing a pair of these easy-to-make felt slippers is found at ChellyWood.com

#MeMade Monday: a babydoll pajama set and slippers for Skipper #dolls on #ValentinesDay

Yes, the pajamas that Skipper is modeling in the image above are the same pajamas we made for Barbie last week. We’ll be using basically the same exact pattern for Skipper’s PJ’s, as the pattern will fit both dolls. But this week I’ve added a little extra to the pattern I gave you last week; it’s a pattern for making Skipper’s slippers: You might have … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: a babydoll pajama set and slippers for Skipper #dolls on #ValentinesDay

The image shows a Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a handmade babydoll pajama. The doll's lilac-colored pajamas are trimmed in bias tape, ribbon, and rick-rack. Barbie lays on a doll-sized bed with a small quilt on the bed. The quilt has little hearts on it (for this image was posted in February, for Valentine's Day. Barbie's head lays on a quilted pink-and-purple nine patch pillow. She has a stuffed bear on her bed and a cabinet in the background. The wallpaper is purple and there's a window in the wall behind her. The whole diorama is 1:6 scale to suit Barbie. The doll wraps her hand around the nine-patch quilted doll pillow, and she has her legs crossed at the ankle as she reclines upon her little quilt-covered bed. The overlay offers the website where you can find free patterns for making the Barbie doll pajamas and a pair of shorts that cannot be seen in this image, but which go with the baby doll pajamas. The overlay says: ChellyWood.com and it also says, "Free doll clothes patterns and tutorials" -- this website offers free doll clothes patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Each pattern comes with a free tutorial video showing you how to make the clothes.

#MeMade Monday: a babydoll pajama set for Barbie #dolls on #ValentinesDay

It’s February, so for St. Valentine’s Day this year, I looked back through my emails from fans and followers for an idea that might suit the Valentine’s Day theme. What did I come up with? A babydoll pajama! When I went back to my emails and blog surveys, I discovered there were a fair number of requests for pajama sets for Barbie, Skipper, and similar … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: a babydoll pajama set for Barbie #dolls on #ValentinesDay

The image shows five little girls seated under an antique sewing machine. Each girl is hand-stitching doll clothes, and they are chatting. The artist's style is reminiscent of the Victorian era, as is the sewing machine and the sewing table it sits on. The overlay says, "Share your creations!" and offers the url ChellyWood.com, where you can submit photos of your hand-made doll clothes and doll craft projects.

New feature on ChellyWood.com: #share your #handmade #doll stuff!

Last weekend I launched a new feature, here on ChellyWood.com: the opportunity to share your handmade doll clothes and doll crafts. I frequently get “fan mail” from followers who have made something lovely, using my patterns and /or tutorial videos. I’ve gotten so many of these emails and comments, that I decided it was time to create a gallery especially for you. Here’s a link … Continue reading New feature on ChellyWood.com: #share your #handmade #doll stuff!