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The Chelly Wood doll (a Spin Master Liv doll that has been re-designed to look like the real doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood) is seated at her desk in her office. The wall of the office is a mottled purple color behind her open laptop. The doll's fingers touch the keyboard which is resting on an extended arm of the desk. Her computer screen shows the "Share Your Creations" page with three doll clothes displays under the introductory text. The logo appears in the lower left corner of the image.
Please visit for free printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

In 2019, I first launched my Share Your Creations! page.

Starting today, July 15, 2022, students who have taken one of my online courses through the Creative Spark online learning platform are being offered an opportunity to post images of their handmade doll clothes, along with a link to and/or watermark for their website or social media handles, for the Share Your Creations! page on this website.

To submit pictures of your creations, you’ll need to use my Submit a Question form, and only students who are enrolled in one or more of my courses will be allowed to share their creations on the official “Share Your Creations” page. Exceptions can be made in rare circumstances, as decided upon by Chelly Wood and her business, LLC, to benefit the website and/or the business (example: for a collaboration with another doll crafter).

Here’s how to submit photos of your doll clothes or doll crafts:

  • Use this submission form to introduce yourself to me.
  • Please explain what you’ve made and which Creative Spark course you are currently enrolled in.
  • Please use the same name you’ve used as a class enrollee, so I can make sure you are enrolled in one of my classes.
  • I will reply to your submission form message, asking you to send your photo(s) as an attachment via email.
  • Next, please respond to my message by sending me up to three photos of your creation. Please note that this is a family-friendly website, so all photos will need to be appropriate for website viewers of all ages.


  • Please do not send any links, as this may drop your email into my spam folder.
  • Once I contact you, please send no more than three photos per person, in total.
  • Please note that this is a family-friendly website, so all photos will need to be appropriate for website viewers of all ages.
  • Advertising your Etsy store or Ebay store or other social media venue is perfectly fine, but please create a small watermark on your image for this. There are some wonderful free paint apps and programs available to help you with this. Watermarks should take up less than 20% of the picture, but a watermark is not required.
  • Be aware that there’s a disclaimer on the Share Your Creations! page that states “Display on this page does not indicate endorsement by or affiliation to the person or business that submitted the images.”
  • Your image size will be reduced because I use screenshots to save followers’ images. This helps me avoid getting unwanted viruses from fans and followers who usually mean well and don’t realize that their computer has a virus! So make sure your photo isn’t too small to start with. Phone cameras are usually fine, unless your phone is quite dated.
  • I reserve the right to reject images without explanation. Sometimes this is due to the poor resolution, poor lighting, or blurriness of a photo. It could help to look thorough my “Doll Photography Tips and Tricks” blog posts (see link) to help you avoid these problems.
  • If you don’t see your image go up within 30 days, feel free to email me again. In this case, try re-wording your message so it doesn’t end up in my spam folder.
  • All images need to be doll-related. You can post images of doll clothes you altered using the patterns you own and/or doll clothes made using the patterns you created through my classes, but please don’t send screenshots of your Etsy store or photos of your brick-and-mortar store. All photos need to demonstrate what you learned in my class.
  • Feel free to pin your creation from the Share Your Creations! page to your Pinterest pages and/or link to this website from other social media venues.
  • WordPress, my website platform, only allows 99 images in each gallery. That means that when I add a new image to the gallery, your older image may get deleted. I have no control over this. Simply put, that means your image will only stay up on the Gallery for a brief time before it will be replaced by someone else’s image. The amount of time your image is displayed, will vary depending upon how many images are submitted to me each month. Please do not re-send the same image to be re-posted when your time is up.
  • At the time of this blog post, the Share Your Creations! page displays some images of doll clothes and doll crafts that are not related to my paid courses. These will remain on display until they are replaced by newer images that are related to the paid courses.
  • By sending me the images of your creations, you agree to having me (and/or the company, LLC) use your images for the company’s self-promotion, in videos, on social media, or in whatever advertising or creative venues the company wishes.

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