Sewing Box ASMR — a special treat from ASMR Tingle and Taps! #ASMR #Sewing

Special thanks to ASMR Tingle and Taps for creating this video especially for me and my followers.

The ASMR Tingle and Taps channel on YouTube is owned and hosted by my cousin, who collaborated with me to create this special video for all of you, my followers.

If you’re not familiar with the term ASMR, its acronym stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. According to Wikipedia, ASMR has been described as “a static tingling sensation originating from the back of the head, then propagating to the neck, shoulder, arm, spine, and legs, which makes people feel relaxed and alert.”

For me, personally, I listen to ASMR videos to help me go to sleep. Since childhood, I’ve always had trouble sleeping. When I put on my headphones and listen to ASMR, the repetitive sounds help me drift off to sleep by replacing the thoughts that spin in my head.

In this photograph, a Made to Move Barbie models a pair of handmade "booty shorts" with a short-sleeved shirt that's trimmed in white bias tape. She stands in a bedroom with her quilted bed beside her, some pillows, a stuffed animal, and a dresser gracing the diorama.

With the recent growth of ASMR videos on YouTube, I’ve found relief to my insomnia, for the first time in my life. So when my cousin started her YouTube channel, ASMR Tingle and Taps, I became an instant fan!

And that’s why I’m sharing her cute little “Sewing Box ASMR” video with all of you today. First, it’s related to my website because it’s a sewing box! YAY! And second, I do hope it will help any of you who — like me — struggle with sleep issues.

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll holding out a hand toward a clipart image of a sewing box that stands open, and that contains thread and scissors. The words above the image say "sewing box ASMR."
Please visit ASMR Tingle and Taps to view today’s “Sewing Box ASMR” video.

Furthermore, it was this same cousin who requested my recent 18-inch doll Halloween series, so if you’ve enjoyed the free patterns and tutorials for 18 inch doll clothes, show my cousin a little love by sharing today’s Sewing Box ASMR video on Facebook or spreading the word about her channel on other social media. Thank you!

The image shows a cotton candy background with the words "ASMR tingle and tap" over the top, beside the hand of a woman who has well-manicured fingernails with white nail polish decorated with tiny pastel emojis and stars.
ASMR Tingle and Tap Channel Logo

For those of you just learning how to sew, these are some of my own tutorials that you may find helpful:

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