#SewingBlogger Thursday: Iron Doll Clothing (Tips)

This week has been primarily dedicated to renovating this website. I’m working behind the scenes to re-design my main gallery into a variety of galleries based a doll’s size, gender, and brand.

It might be fun for those of you who follow the blog to see all of these older patterns pop up, but my YouTube followers can’t see them. And I didn’t want to leave my YouTube followers empty handed this week, so I decided to address a question that I’m asked from time to time: How do you iron those tiny doll clothes?

This video goes over the ironing and pressing tools I use when I’m sewing, and it shows you the differences between finger pressing, ironing, and pressing a seam. (There is a difference between pressing and ironing, by the way!)

One thought on “#SewingBlogger Thursday: Iron Doll Clothing (Tips)

  1. Chelly,
    Thank you for all this information. I Admire you very much. You do so much for everyone. I wish that you could have a doll made
    of you.Like the one of your videos. I think she is just adorable.
    Have you ever thought of a Chelly Doll? I would be the first one to buy it. I hope you have a great day.God Bless you.

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