#SewingBlogger Thursday: How to Use Ribbon With Doll Projects

Have you ever finished sewing a doll dress and decided your finished product seemed to be missing something? Perhaps that something was a ribbon!

As you’ll see in this video, there are lots of great uses for ribbons when sewing doll clothes. Some are functional parts of the garment, and others are just there to add a little splash of color to an otherwise too-simple dress.

I put together this compilation to help inspire your doll clothes sewing adventures. Hopefully it does the trick!


4 thoughts on “#SewingBlogger Thursday: How to Use Ribbon With Doll Projects

  1. I agree ribbon is so versatile and can also hide the odd little mishap! 🙂 Your video doesn’t seem to be working – it says not available but I’ll check back – would love to see it!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the video problem. YouTube recently changed their “Creator Studio” feature. I must have hit the wrong button! It should be free to view now.

  2. Hi Chelly,
    I love following your videos! Your style of teaching is so wonderful and easy to understand. I’m wondering if you know of a source for buying little buckles to make belts for Crissy dolls? Any suggestions would be great. I’ve seen some online but I don’t know what size to get.
    Thank you.
    Kindest regards,

    1. Hi Lisa. I’m glad you’re enjoying my videos!

      There’s a shop on Etsy that offers a lot of little bits and bobbles for doll clothes, and it’s called iSewForDoll. The link I’ve provided there is a search of their store for belt buckles.

      When sewing for Crissy, I think you want a buckle that ranges from 7 millimeters to 1 centimeter across. Bigger than 1 cm will look chunky, but that might be okay if you’re looking for a chunky style. Best of luck to you, Lisa!

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