A look back at my doll clothes sewing website’s achievements in 2019 #SewingBlogger #GoalsAchieved #2019inReview

The image shows a series of doll clothes laid out on a tabletop so you can see the variety of colors and prints in the fabrics. The clothes include five skirts, two pair of pants, two pair of shorts, five shirts, and a purse. The free printable sewing patterns for these doll clothes can be found at ChellyWood.com
Please visit ChellyWood.com for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Today’s blog post will include links to free pattern pages and tutorial videos you may have missed when they first posted in 2019, so click through links to enjoy this year-in-review overview to its fullest potential!

At the start of 2019, I asked for advice from my regular followers. Based on your suggestions, in 2019, I added new patterns and tutorial videos for each of the following dolls:

A lot of additional goals were achieved as well…

Hashtag categories were added for the following:

  • #MeMadeMonday — This was a way for me to show off pretty photographs of my dolls modeling the clothes that would be featured in the upcoming week.
  • #TapeMeasureTuesday — This feature offered both metric and imperial measurements for dolls, for sewing purposes.
  • #PDFpatternWednesday — On Wednesdays, I offered patterns in PDF format. Some were JPG patterns that I’d converted to PDFs for easier download; others were brand new PDF patterns.
  • #SewingBloggerThursday — On Thursdays I usually offered new patterns, new tutorials, or tips for improving your doll clothes sewing techniques.
  • #SewingBloggerFriday — This hashtag was similar to to the #SewingBloggerThursday feature.
  • #FridayFollow — Most Fridays spotlighted websites and online venues of special interest to people who enjoy sewing for dolls.

But by far the largest accomplishment was the re-organization of all patterns and tutorials by categories, which are now available through the Gallery on the Home Page. I have yet to create a gallery for GI Joe (Hasbro hasn’t sent me their approval letter yet) but I’m super proud of this accomplishment nonetheless.

What do you think 2020 holds in store for this site? Leave comments!

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  1. I wasn’t a subscriber at the beginning of 2019 but I am very happy you added free patterns for BFF 28-inch Barbie. There are very few available so your contribution was very welcome. Wishing you a successful and prosperous 2020 and new decade.

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