Free Doll Clothes Patterns for 28-inch Dolls (Gallery)

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Behind the scenes, I’m creating a series of classes in doll clothing design techniques, so you can design your own doll clothes for your dolls, using simple techniques, household tools, and your amazing imagination! Click on this link to learn more about my paid courses on the Creative Spark Online Learning platform.

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Would you like to see what other Barbie doll products the Mattel website offers for sale at this time? If so, please click here (although your purchase using that link does not benefit this free doll clothes pattern website). Note that is not connected to Mattel or its affiliates. However I, Chelly Wood (the person) really do enjoy designing clothes to fit the dolls their company has created.

8 thoughts on “Free Doll Clothes Patterns for 28-inch Dolls (Gallery)

  1. I wanted to leave a comment on your youtube video but couldn’t. Just wanted to thank you for your sweetness and generosity in sharing your knowledge for free.

    1. Yeah, I sure wish YouTube had a way to divide a person’s channel into two. That way I could run a safe, family-friendly channel for kids and another safe, family-friendly channel for adults, where the adults can leave comments and see previews of other videos I have to offer.

      But unfortunately, anyone who makes doll clothes has to claim “this video is for kids,” due to COPPA laws. And that means no commenting, no socializing with followers, etc… 🙁

  2. I would love to see basic patterns (i.e., blouses, knee-length skirts, trousers, dresses) that would be acceptable to very conservative families. My granddaughter wants conservative clothes for a 28-inch Barbie she has been given. Underwear patterns would be wonderful, too.

  3. Would also love to see if these would work for 32″ Rapunzel life size doll. There is also a 38″ Barbie doll too.

    1. Thank you for leaving your thoughts here in the comment section, Cathy. Since I don’t own 32″ Rapunzel or 38″ Barbie, I honestly don’t know whether or not these patterns would fit them.

      However, if these patterns turn out to be too small for 32″ Rapunzel and 38″ Barbie, I do offer a paid course on pattern alteration, which includes a re-sizing formula to enlarge or reduce patterns. Here’s a link for anyone reading this, who might be interested in taking the course.

    1. Hi Linda. My 28″ Barbie had shoes that came on her — the “painted on” kind. However I’ve found that my 18 inch doll shoes can slip over the top of her painted-on shoes. I’m not sure it will work for your 28″ Barbie, but you can try. There are plenty of cheap knockoff brands of 18 inch doll shoes available in stores. Best of luck to you!

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