Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

This amazing lady, who goes by Starrcreative, left me a helpful comment here on about a video that wasn’t working and needed a little maintenance work. Thank you, Starrcreative! So with a name like Starrcreative, of course I dropped by her blog. And WOW!!! What a find! She does lots of creative DIY projects of all kinds, but my favorite of her blog posts … Continue reading Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

The image leads to a video embedded (with permission) from My Froggy Stuff on YouTube. It shows how to make a no-sew tutu for Barbie dolls using a hairband made of elastic or rubber band with knotted tulle wrapped around it. This featured image is a white tulle tutu made using the method shown on the MyFroggyStuff YouTube channel. Credit was given to the creators at MyFroggyStuff

#FridayFollow : Make a #NoSew #Dolls’ Tutu with MyFroggyStuff–an amazing YouTuber!

Anybody who knows and loves Barbie has heard of MyFroggyStuff on YouTube. If you’re not following “Froggy” already, well… you should be. As you know, here on, we’ve been making a tutu, swimsuit, and/or figure skating leotard for 28″ Barbie dolls (or similar-sized dolls), and as part of the outfit, you will need a no-sew doll tutu. Today’s tutorial video was made by the … Continue reading #FridayFollow : Make a #NoSew #Dolls’ Tutu with MyFroggyStuff–an amazing YouTuber!

The image shows a woman's hand with her thumb pressing against a seam that connects a blue denim polka dot fabric to a red cotton polka dot fabric. The overlay says "Finger Pressing" and this image comes from the website (but it uses, with permission, a video from

#FridayFollow: Learn about finger pressing from a #quilting master class website!

I didn’t make this sewing tutorial, but I am using it with permission. The sewing website that produced this video is called, and even if you don’t have any interest in quilting, you should really check out their site. Here’s why… offers free patterns, just like I do, but they also have a really cool encyclopedia of sewing terminology and techniques, which any … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Learn about finger pressing from a #quilting master class website!

This video header shows three Liv dolls, a vintage Francie, and a Tall Barbie wearing shoes called "Little Extras" which were designed to fit Posable Barbies from the late 1990's and early 2000's. The video offers a shoe swap hack showing doll clothes designer Chelly Wood trying the "Little Extras" shoes on twelve different dolls from different doll makers. This shoe hack /shoe swap is supposed to help people decide whether or not to buy "Little Extras" shoes for their dolls. It also shows how this package of shoes can really benefit your collection.

#FridayFollow: Here’s a #FollowUp on DodisShopOfStuff Barbie #dolls’ supplies…

When I posted my first #FridayFollow on January 11, I told you I was following Dodi’s Shop of Stuff on eBay because they had such a great selection of cool Barbie collectibles and miniatures. But at that time, I had not yet purchased anything from Dodi’s Shop of Stuff. Well today I’m sharing my unboxing of a set of “Little Extras” shoes for Posable Barbies. … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Here’s a #FollowUp on DodisShopOfStuff Barbie #dolls’ supplies…

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows the Chelly Wood doll seated at her computer. On the computer screen we see Helen and Caroline of the LoveToSew podcast on the computer screen.

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I have a new favorite podcast: LoveToSew with Helen of Helen’s Closet and Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics! Being a school librarian in my dayjob, I love podcasts; especially podcasts that are informative and fun. LoveToSew is just that kind of podcast. They cover topics like… Sewing with knits Sewing meet-ups Sewing struggles Hand sewing Jeans making …and so much more! Their LoveToSew website is super easy … Continue reading #FridayFollow: @lovetosewpod @BlackbirdFabric @helens__closet (on Instagram)

The image shows a vintage Tammy doll taking her pink poodle for a walk in Paris. She wears a handmade dress in pink, black, and white, and she has a little baret with a pom pom on her head. It's a cute little scene with Tammy doll looking very fresh-cheeked and adorable in the streets of Paris (with the Eiffel Tower behind her).

#FridayFollow: Who do you follow on #Etsy?

Since I’ve been busy sewing for Tammy dolls lately, I wanted to see who sells quality outfits for Tammy dolls online. Lo and behold, I discovered Sherri, who (like me) sews and seems to design and/or alter a lot of her patterns for Tammy (see image above). She has the best Tammy doll board on Pinterest–the BEST! And her Francie board on Pinterest is WAY … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Who do you follow on #Etsy?

#FridayFollow: Who do you follow on eBay?

Who do you follow on eBay? One of my favorite eBay stores is Dodi’s Shop of Stuff. I’m actually lucky enough to have met Dodi in person, and she’s a woman with a business-sense that I truly admire and aspire to. Her eBay store has over 8,000 reviews with a 99.9% positive rating. You can’t find eBay stores with a better rating than that! Dodi … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Who do you follow on eBay?