How to Find Free Doll Clothes Patterns Online: Smartphone or Tablet Method

This website is best known for its free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes. It also offers free printable sewing patterns for craft projects and free tutorial videos for embroidery. (Click those links for easy access.)

Today’s tutorial is designed to help you navigate’s new layout, using your mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc.).

If you’re more comfortable using a desktop or laptop computer, please go back to check out yesterday’s video.

My regular followers are already aware that this site went through a big makeover last summer (2019), and now there are new directories. However any time you re-design a website, there will be glitches.

If you find links that don’t work or patterns that download as the wrong thing (or missing pieces), please leave a comment below (or on the page in question) describing what the problem is. You can also submit a question. I will address these issues as they arise.

Please be aware that older patterns are only available as a JPG (graphic) image, but I’d like to change that. Converting all those old patterns to PDFs will take time, so be patient and know that I am working on it.

On that front, my #TapeMeasureTuesday posts have seen less traffic lately, so in the future, I will only make them on an as-needed basis.

Instead of #TapeMeasureTuesday doll-measurement posts, I’d like to start using my Monday and Tuesday blog posts to re-publish older patterns as PDFs instead of JPG (graphic) files. That way people will have an easier time downloading these older patterns.

If any of you would like me to stop producing new patterns for a while and just begin switching JPG files to PDFs for easy download, leave a comment to that effect below.

However, if I make that shift from new-pattern-creation to old-pattern-revision, it will be a while before I can convert patterns for Mattel dolls, as I’m currently waiting for Mattel to give me formal permission to post images of their dolls.

Remember that my patterns are available through “Creative Commons Attribution.” This means that I created my patterns (and therefore I own rights to them), but I’m willing to share them with everyone who will tell people about my website.

Here are some helpful ways to tell the world about my patterns:

10 thoughts on “How to Find Free Doll Clothes Patterns Online: Smartphone or Tablet Method

  1. My niece received a Curvy Barbie for Christmas and finding doll clothes for it is hard. Thank you for your blog! I’m an experienced seamstress for people but tiny dolls clothes are new to me and I look forward to using your patterns. I’m happy to be able to share with my niece my love of fashion and sewing through Barbie!

  2. Hi! I’m making doll clothes for a long term school project and I just want to say thank you for all of your amazing content. I appreciate you taking the time to do make patterns and tutorials for beginners like me!

  3. Thank you for the patterns. I am trying to sew for a 1:12 TBLeague phicen doll and am finding it difficult to fit her. She seems to be between sizes based on your instructions so I will keep adjusting. Thank you again for giving a starting point.

  4. I am having trouble printing the patterns. I’m trying to make clothes for my granddaughter’s barbies and American girl dolls.

    1. Hi Francesca. Not all of my patterns have been converted to PDF formats yet. You may be trying to print one that has not yet been converted.

      It’s still possible to print those patterns as JPG images, and this video tutorial may help you get that done:

      Please note that I offer printing advice for using Google Docs as well as Microsoft Word. You’ll want to choose the format that works best for you.

      Best wishes!

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