This image shows a wardrobe of many clothing items to fit Wellie Wishers, Hearts4Hearts Girls, Crissy dolls, BFF Ink dolls, and many other dolls in the 13- to 17- inch size range. Included in the wardrobe are the following doll clothes items shown in pastel colors: a pair of shorts with a pocket, a pair of shorts without a pocket, a purse, a tank top with round neck, a tank top with V-neck, a lace-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, a skirt with handmade ruffle, a skirt with lace ruffle, a skirt with lace ruffle and rickrack, a skirt with a floral embellishment, and a skirt made of London-print fabric in pink (showing the Tower of Big Ben, London Bridge, Brittish bobbies, and more), a pair of jeans without a pocket, and a pair of khaki pants with a pocket. All patterns and tutorial videos showing how to make these outfits are provided for free at

A look back at my doll clothes sewing website’s achievements in 2019 #SewingBlogger #GoalsAchieved #2019inReview

Today’s blog post will include links to free pattern pages and tutorial videos you may have missed when they first posted in 2019, so click through links to enjoy this year-in-review overview to its fullest potential! At the start of 2019, I asked for advice from my regular followers. Based on your suggestions, in 2019, I added new patterns and tutorial videos for each of … Continue reading A look back at my doll clothes sewing website’s achievements in 2019 #SewingBlogger #GoalsAchieved #2019inReview

The image shows a Lammily Photographer doll dressed in a red New Year's Eve party skirt and sleeveless "sweater". The "sweater" is made of felt and has darts in the front. It looks super easy to sew! The skirt has a layer of red cotton skirt and an over-layer of glittery-red tulle skirting. The doll wears a red glitter top hat embellished with a glittery green pine sprig. She stands in a snowy diorama with pine trees in the distance behind her. Snow is falling. The watermark says, " FREE printable patterns and tutorials." If you would like to download all the free printable sewing patterns and listen to or watch the tutorials for making this outfit for your Lammily or similar-sized dolls, please click on the link in the caption.

Bring in the#2018 #NewYear with a FREE #dolls skirt pattern @

This week I’ll be showing you how to make this glittery holiday skirt that has been designed to fit a number of different dolls. As you can see in the image above, it fits curvy dolls like Lammily™ and Curvy Barbie®. But take a look at the images below. It also fits the 16 to 17 inch Tonner™ fashion dolls and my new 17 inch … Continue reading Bring in the#2018 #NewYear with a FREE #dolls skirt pattern @