Free #Sewing Patterns and #DIY Tutorials for #WellieWishers Pants and Shirt @

Click here for free patterns and tutorials to make this outfit:

Here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the outfit shown in the image above:

For your general information, this shirt and pants combo will also fit the Hearts for Hearts Girls, as you can see in the image below:

Click here for all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the outfit you see here:

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4 thoughts on “Free #Sewing Patterns and #DIY Tutorials for #WellieWishers Pants and Shirt @

    1. Thanks Dodi! I made these (and more in a set) for my niece, who just turned three. She loved the set of a matching doll clothes of various kinds.

    1. In my day job, I’m a librarian. I’d like to suggest that you visit your public library to ask for help with your download. We librarians get lots of questions like this, and it’s never a bother. That’s part of a librarian’s job in the 21st century: helping people navigate the ever-changing digital world!

      Incidentally, I did test the links and downloads on this page, and at least from my end, they all appear to be working. But if anyone else is having difficulty with the links and downloads, please leave additional comments.

      Regarding your own issues with downloads, your own computer may have a “firewall” that is blocking downloads from an unknown source (i.e. this website), so you may need to use the computers at your public library, and perhaps with a little guidance from your librarians, you’ll be able to print the patterns at your public library for a small fee.

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