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Image shows a blackline printable pattern for fashion doll skirts. Images of dolls wearing the skirts indicate that this one pattern can be used to make as many as five different styles of skirts for fashion dolls. The following fashion dolls are shown wearing the printable skirt pattern: Barbie, skipper, Monster High, Ever After High, and Curvy Barbie dolls. The watermark on this printable sewing pattern is free doll clothes patterns and tutorials.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

For St. Patrick’s Day next  week, I’ll be posting tutorials that show you how to make several different skirts for a wide variety of fashion dolls, using the pattern above. Take a look at all the different styles you can make with this one pattern:

Image shows five dolls wearing skirts ranging from a maxi skirt to a short miniskirt. Each skirt's fabric is made of St. Patrick's day themed print. Two of the skirts use a plaid green made with shamrocks. Three have shamrocks on a black and glittery background. The camera focuses on the skirts, not the dolls' shirts. The dolls are standing on a sandy surface, barefoot, with the ocean in the distance. It's a diorama background rather than a real-world one. A watermark in the lower-right corner says " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

The pattern I’ve posted actually fits a lot of different dolls. I’ve made skirts for Barbie®, Curvy Barbie®, Skipper®, Monster High®, and Ever After High® dolls using just this single pattern!

Click here to find all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this project: Coming soon!

Watch for those tutorials next week.


If you’re looking for easy tutorials (esp. for those who’ve just started to sew), check out my playlist of tutorials for the beginning sewists on my YouTube channel. It includes video tutorials showing you how to do a basic straight stitch when sewing by hand, how to use the whipstitch to hem a garment, how to sew on snaps, and even how to design your own doll clothes patterns. But it also has some easy sewing tutorials with free printable patterns too.

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Need help printing my patterns? This link will take you to a tutorial showing you how to download my free, printable patterns.

If you’re wondering why I make patterns and tutorials without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations.

And in case you haven’t heard, I have also designed commercial patterns for Lammily LLC. They have some new dolls in their line, including a new male doll, so you might want to visit the Lammily website to see what they’ve got going on.

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