Image shows Curvy Barbie (from Mattel) wearing a handmade top and handmade long skirt. The skirt's fabric is decorated with glitter and shamrocks. Overlay says, "DIY doll Skirt with free pattern" and watermark says, "".

#DIY skirt for Curvy #Barbie® w/ free pattern @ #Dolls

Just look at that adorable long shamrock skirt! As it says in the video, this skirt pattern should fit nearly any fashion doll, within reason. The trick, once again, is to measure the doll’s waist for the elastic. That way you can be sure it will fit her waist once the elastic gathers the fabric. Here’s a link to the pattern you’ll need. And since … Continue reading #DIY skirt for Curvy #Barbie® w/ free pattern @ #Dolls