Image shows Curvy Barbie carrying a handmade purse made of shamrock fabric and green striped fabric. The green striped fabric forms the purse's lining and its strap. Overlay says, "DIY doll purse:"

Easy #StPaddysDay #Shamrock #Barbie Purse w/ free pattern @

That’s my free sewing pattern above. Now here’s the tutorial showing you exactly how to make it: Just in time for St. Patrick’s day, I’m helping to promote the Irish author, Kieran Fanning, by giving away a hand-made ninja costume to help him promote his way-cool ninja novel for kids. Click here to learn more about this sweepstakes giveaway and Kieran’s ninja novel, The Black Lotus. The … Continue reading Easy #StPaddysDay #Shamrock #Barbie Purse w/ free pattern @