A Spin Master Liv doll wears a pair of black elastic-waist pants and a simple white felt shirt. She stands in front of a red brick wall on a concrete floor. Her hair is long and black with bangs (fringe). She wears a pair of red and black handmade slip-on shoes.

Mix-N-Match 4: Liv #dolls’ free #dollclothes #sewing patterns @ ChellyWood.com

The Spin Master Liv® dolls are such elegant creatures, aren’t they? I just love to design clothes for them, and I really like working with them in stop-motion. That’s because they’re nearly as articulated as the MTM Barbies®, their glassy eyes look almost real, and their joints look very natural when exposed. Would you like to make the outfit my Liv® doll is wearing? I … Continue reading Mix-N-Match 4: Liv #dolls’ free #dollclothes #sewing patterns @ ChellyWood.com