This is a featured image for an article on Francie sized doll clothes. The article includes a free printable PDF sewing pattern and special instructions for making a T shirt and a pair of shorts with an elastic waist, to fit Francie and other dolls her size. The featured image says, "free patterns" and includes the name "Chelly Wood," who designs and publishes free printable PDF sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

Make summer doll clothes for vintage Francie with free PDF sewing patterns @ #summertime #FrancieDoll

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. Today I’m giving you a free printable PDF sewing pattern for summer time doll clothes that will fit your vintage Francie dolls. The shorts are a pattern I posted quite some time ago, as part of the retro bikini outfit that I designed for Barbie. The tee shirt pattern … Continue reading Make summer doll clothes for vintage Francie with free PDF sewing patterns @ #summertime #FrancieDoll

Image shows a little doll seated at her sewing machine. Behind her is a doll-sized ironing board. Her tiny, pale blue coffee cup sits at the ready near her sewing machine. The overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Sewing machine advice for making tiny doll clothes @ #SewingMachines #SewingAdvice

Last week I got a great question from a follower named Jacqueline: “Hello! I’m excited to get started learning to sew Barbie & Ken clothes. What advise do you have for me to keep my sewing machine from tangling thread & bunching the fabric when sewing such small tops with light weight fabric? I can sew fleece and pant weight fabrics fine but want to … Continue reading Sewing machine advice for making tiny doll clothes @ #SewingMachines #SewingAdvice

The image shows a 1960's Tammy Doll made by Ideal Toy Corp. wearing handmade elastic-waist shorts and a sleeveless pajama top. The pattern for these pajamas can be found at as a free printable PDF sewing pattern with complete tutorial video instructions for sewing the outfit as a whole.

Sew flannel pajamas for your vintage Tammy doll w/ #FreePatterns @ #VintageToys

The image above shows a doll which was made and distributed in the 1960’s. Here in the US, this doll mold was called Tammy, but a very similar body mold was made and distributed in the UK as the Sindy doll. Today I’m giving you free patterns and tutorials for making a pair of flannel pajama shorts (or pajama pants) and a bias-tape-trimmed pajama shirt to … Continue reading Sew flannel pajamas for your vintage Tammy doll w/ #FreePatterns @ #VintageToys

Soul, one of the 9-inch World of Love dolls from Hasbro, stands alone in a room with a single office chair and window. She wears capri pants made of a cotton fabric that's decorated with tiny pink flowers and lavender-colored vines. She wears a matching lavender shirt with two tiny buttons at the top. The shirt has long sleeves and a conservative rounded neckline but no collar. She wears tiny white plastic flats. If you would like to make an outfit like this for your 9-inch (23 cm) dolls, you can find the free, printable PDF patterns at along with tutorial videos showing how to make both the shirt and the capri pants. The website is marked with the creative commons attribution mark, so by downloading these patterns, you agree to share them on social media and tell where they came from.

Capri pants for 9-inch / 23 cm #dolls : this week’s #sewingproject

This week on, we’re going to sew a pair of capris for 9-inch (23 cm) dolls like my Soul doll, from the World of Love doll collection from Hasbro. Soul was my very favorite doll when I was a kid, but I didn’t own her. My cousin, Virginia, did–and I was terribly jealous! Every time we got together to play dolls, I would ask, … Continue reading Capri pants for 9-inch / 23 cm #dolls : this week’s #sewingproject

Use’s FREE printable #sewing #patterns for making #dolls’ clothes

I designed this outfit for 16 inch fashion dolls a while back, but to my excitement, I then discovered it also fit my 17″ FibreCraft doll! I still need to include links to the patterns and tutorials that will help you make this outfit. So here you go: Here’s the free printable sewing pattern for the shirt Here’s the tutorial showing you how to make … Continue reading Use’s FREE printable #sewing #patterns for making #dolls’ clothes

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image shows the bottom half of a two-pattern, easy DIY towel topper, like one would use to make fabric-top tea towels. These towel toppers have a button clasp and they are both reversible and personalized. The pattern says that you can find the matching tutorial on Chelly Wood's youtube channel, ChellyWood1. However, the easiest way to find any patterns or tutorials made by Chelly Wood, is to visit her gallery page on

Sew a tea towel w/ free pattern @ #sewing #DIY #gift

In the US, it’s Thanksgiving. That means the craziest day of Christmas shopping is tomorrow. Wouldn’t you rather stay home and make your own gifts? It’s usually less expensive, and a whole heckuvalot less hectic! My tea-towel-topper is a relatively easy pattern for an adult sewist to piece together, and kitchen towels make fantastic Christmas gifts for friends and family. Here’s the second of the … Continue reading Sew a tea towel w/ free pattern @ #sewing #DIY #gift

Image of letters that read INSTA for sewing an Instagram logo pillow

Christmas #crafts for #giftideas: #instagram pillow!

What do you give a teenage girl or young adult for Christmas? How about an Instagram pillow? This is the first of two free patterns I’m posting on Tomorrow I’ll post the second pattern, and then on Friday, I’ll share the YouTube video that tells you exactly how to make my Instagram pillow. This is part of a series of crafty-wafty tutorials and patterns … Continue reading Christmas #crafts for #giftideas: #instagram pillow!