Sew flannel pajamas for your vintage Tammy doll w/ #FreePatterns @ #VintageToys

The image shows a 1960's Tammy Doll made by Ideal Toy Corp. wearing handmade elastic-waist shorts and a sleeveless pajama top. The pattern for these pajamas can be found at as a free printable PDF sewing pattern with complete tutorial video instructions for sewing the outfit as a whole.
Please click here for all the free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos you’ll need to make these Tammy doll pajamas: (coming soon)

The image above shows a doll which was made and distributed in the 1960’s. Here in the US, this doll mold was called Tammy, but a very similar body mold was made and distributed in the UK as the Sindy doll.

Today I’m giving you free patterns and tutorials for making a pair of flannel pajama shorts (or pajama pants) and a bias-tape-trimmed pajama shirt to fit your Sindy or Tammy dolls:

Now in these videos, the fabric being used is cotton, so you’ll want to swap it out for flannel instead to get your project to look like the pajamas shown in the image at the top of this page.

Also, you may need to enlarge the slipper pattern a bit to fit Tammy or Sindy. However this slipper pattern is super easy! Even a beginning sewist can make an adjustment to this pattern without too much trouble.

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  1. Tammy was also a doll; I grew up with. Her little sister was Pepper and yep her best friend was “Dodi”. She never had a last name. But she did have 1 outfit aside from what she came in, plus she was feature along with her BFF on a carrying case which if memory serves me what white, green, black and hints of yellow. Just a bit of info. Keep up the good work.

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