The image shows a Greenbrier 12 cm doll which looks a lot like a Strawberry shortcake doll (which came in 10 cm, 11 cm, and 12 cm sizes). She wears a felt-and-cotton handmade dress with ribbons for straps. The dress is decorated with rickrack. To find and download the free printable sewing patterns for making this doll dress, please go to, a website with hundreds of free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

Preview of 4″ or 4.5-inch doll dress project for this week @ #sewingproject

Here’s a preview of this week’s easy-to-sew doll dress project, which fits dolls in the 4-inch to 4 and a half-inch size range. The doll modeling this week’s dress project is a Greenbrier doll. She looks a lot like a Strawberry Shortcake doll, though, and I’d venture to guess that 4 to 5 inch Strawberry Shortcake dolls could easily wear this dress project, although it … Continue reading Preview of 4″ or 4.5-inch doll dress project for this week @ #sewingproject

The image shows an American Girl doll, Kaya, wearing a hand-made swimsuit. She stands between two palm trees that seem to be made of wrapping paper cardboard tubes that have been decorated to look like palm trees. In front of the doll is a shimmering "sea" made of table cloth material. Behind her, another table cloth is decorated with quilt batting to look like clouds. The words overlaying this scene say, "Doll Beach" and the URL is offered, as a location where you can learn more about creating this and other dioramas for doll play videos.

Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Here in the northern hemisphere, where I live, summer is coming to a close. But there’s no reason why you should say goodbye to the tropical weather… Let’s make a tropical island diorama for dolls, so we can keep those summery thoughts in our heads all winter long! Why not? Today’s tutorial video shows you how I made my tropical island diorama for my 18-inch … Continue reading Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a black-line pattern for making fashion doll skirts. It includes a creative commons attribution mark, and each pattern piece is marked with the watermark "" Fashion dolls like Mattel's Skipper and Barbie, and the Monster High and Ever After High dolls are seen wearing skirts made using this pattern.

Here’s my #FREE #sewing pattern for a Liv #Doll skirt:

As I said yesterday, this pattern does fit other dolls besides just the Spin Master Liv Dolls™. In fact, you can see a number of dolls’ images on the printable pattern itself, to give you some idea about the versatility of this pattern. Some of you are just now realizing that this is almost the exact same pattern as the one I published for St. … Continue reading Here’s my #FREE #sewing pattern for a Liv #Doll skirt:

Image of fashion doll seated at a re-painted desk with miniature lamp, sewing machine, pin cushion, sewing basket, and tiny buttons. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Diorama Tips and Tricks".

Fashion #Doll #Diorama Tips and Tricks @ #Dollstagram

I first posted this “Diorama Tips and Tricks” video here, on, about a year ago, so even though it says I’m going to show tutorials on how to make the office chair and other items later this week, that’s old news. If you want to see how to make the office chair (or the desk or any of the other items mentioned in this … Continue reading Fashion #Doll #Diorama Tips and Tricks @ #Dollstagram